My exciting Friday night!

I made it through my night alone! My coffee was made once I got to the kitchen and I poured myself a mug and then weighed myself. I had weighed in Thursday, because I had planned on possibly splurging that night and didn’t want my actual weight to be altered by bloating. I DID eat lots of sweets and have some beers, but Friday morning I still weighed the same, .8 lbs down from last week!

I called Tony and talked to him while he had his breakfast from Dunkin Donuts, and sipped my coffee, wondering what I would eat. I wanted badly to go out to eat today for one of my meals, but breakfast wasn’t it. Once Tony was off to his interview, I ran to Jewel to get some breakfast sausage (turkey of course) and came home and made some food. I put the last leftover waffle in the toaster and heated 2 sausage links. Once warm, I just them up and put them into a pan with 3 tbsp of Better’n Eggs. Once cooked I put a slice of ultra thin sharp cheddar on top and transferred it all to my waffle, adding syrup in between. This was my take on a McGriddle (which I miss desperately), and was only 6 points+! Next time if I use a frozen waffle it will only be 5 points+, which is normal for a breakfast for me!
IMG_8280 IMG_8283

I sat and finished my coffee and surfed the web for a long time. I decided to do my full body workout before my run, since I am never up to anything once I’m done running and sweaty. I did a “weekend workout” video from XHIT, and then a short ab video after. As soon as I was done I set off for my run. I did 3.27 miles in 33 minutes, having to do some walking again. I don’t know if my long runs at the beginning of this week made me to tired, or if I am just lazy because it’s the weekend for me. Either way, I got 20.7 miles for the week!

I had to stop at work to sign my review since I was near by, and then I went straight home. I cleaned the house like I promised myself and then showered. Time for lunch! I made my copycat Strawberry Poppyseed Panera salad, 4 points+!

I started looking around for restaurants to go to that night. I was going to meet him at a restaurant somewhere close to the airport so that he didn’t have to take a cab the whole way home. I made a decision and then played the waiting game! It wouldn’t be until around 9:30 that we would be getting there.

I ended up snacking on kettle corn, a Kashi granola bar, and banana for 4 points+ total. I wanted more, so I got a cup of grapes. I would for sure be eating like crap later, so I wanted to do good up until then, but it was tough. I ended up snacking on chips and salsa, and another Kashi bar before finally being satisfied.

I watched some movies and it was finally time to go! I got there early as expected and got us a table. His cab ended up taking forever and then he FINALLY got there! We talked about all sorts of things and drank and ate. We had the biggest fried pickles I have ever seen and then I ordered the half slab of ribs (which I have been CRAVING) with a side of sweet potato fries and cole slaw. After dinner we got some bread pudding and shared it.

They were seriously GIANT.

They were seriously GIANT.




On the drive home we realized that tonight our friend was out for his birthday and had asked to come. Still sporting his interview suit, we headed off to the bar. I had one beer there and we were both tired so we dipped out early.

We finally got to lay down in bed around 1:30, and it didn’t take long to fall asleep! Overall I am happy with my splurging. Tomorrow should be mild, if anything at all, so I’m not too worried about it. I will just keep up the hard work!


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