When you binge on- Pizza, sweets, Netflix, and blogs.

On Saturday I woke up before my alarm, thanks to Dexter walking on me. I finally got out of bed and wasn’t very hungry so I just put some coffee on and started making dinner for the next few nights so that Tony could take it to work with him.

After awhile I wanted just a little breakfast. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and then kept adding little things on, and before I knew it I had a normal breakfast of cereal and an english muffin with cream cheese and preserves and strawberries! 5 points+.

We sat around for a long time. I didn’t want to be a complete slob on my day off of running so we went on a walk… to the ice cream shop. I got 2 scoops of no sugar added and/or fat free strawberry vanilla in a waffle cone. I’m estimating this to be around 9 points+. Our walk was 38 minutes long and went 2.14 miles.

We got home and you guessed it, more sitting! Once it was time for him to have lunch we finally got to open a beer that he brewed weeks ago to taste! It came out great, and I’m excited for him to make more!

After that he headed off to work and then I went with my parents to the store. I grabbed some beer and hung out with them for the night. I never really did eat lunch, but snacked on a few chips and then later a fat free tuna salad kit.

Lots of beer later, we ordered a pizza, which I ate entirely too much of. Feeling stuffed, I went home and relaxed watching a movie, and then again eating every sweet food I could find in my house.

My goals this week ended fairly well. I ran 20.7 miles, completed my upper, lower, and full body workouts (STILL SORE), did 4/5 ab workouts, 2/4 yoga workouts, and ate WAY too much dessert. I went over a ridiculous amount of points, and I need to kick it in to gear so that I can reach my goal and stop tracking (but still use everything I’ve learned).

Today I woke up feeling lazy. I regretted all the sweets (as usual) and just wanted to take it back, but of course it’s too late for that. I didn’t get motivated to run before work today, so I just sipped some coffee and eventually made some breakfast.

I wanted to keep it especially healthy today. I made some Better’n eggs with spinach and cheese, turkey sausage, and one piece of toast with low sugar jelly. It came to 5 points+ still, but much less calories and carbs than the 3 pieces of french toast that I really wanted.

I finished getting ready for work and grabbed pretzels, an apple, and an english muffin with Better’n Butter for some snacks. I got to work and we were on and off busy for the whole day. I ate my pretzels and apple pretty early on for 2 points+.

I finally got to leave at around 3:15 and while eating my english muffin (3 points) went straight to the path to run. Before I even went a mile my legs started to hurt in a way I’ve never felt. I figured I have just been pushing myself too hard, so I did A LOT of walking. This time for a reason. I don’t want to completely ruin running for myself like I did with my 100 mile month. I ended up doing a walk/run for 4.25 miles in 46 minutes.

After running I went home and showered and went over to my mom’s for dinner. She made pulled chicken and Alexia sweet potato fries. I ate mine without a bun and had just a partial serving of fries, all for 7 points+.

I went home and immediately got lazy. I wanted to do yoga, but first I finished the movie I started last night. Eventually I got enough energy to do 10 minutes of a stretching yoga routine, and then cleaned up the house.

For a while I binge read my newly found favorite blog, Simply Taralynn. After a bit I made a quesadilla with WW cheese, lunch meat turkey, Valentina, and some salsa. On the side I had chips and more salsa. 6 points+.

I continued to binge read, watch movies on Netflix, and using the heating pad on my calves. Eventually I wanted something sweet so I popped some kettle corn and sprinkled cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice on it. 2 points+.

I know I say this every single week, but I need to get into gear, for real. I am getting better at not doing all day all out binges when the weekends come, but I am still over doing it. I need to stop and think about my choices, and not act on impulses so much. I know it is going to be hard, especially when I am drinking, but I will do it. I will get back on track.


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