Is it Thursday yet?

It has finally come time for me to take a break from running. I did slow down on running right before vacation, but went right back into it after. Today I did a lot of walking again, my legs are just tired and done. I am not doing my 20 miles this week, but I am happy to say that I made my goal every other week of this month. This week I am going to be incorporating different cardio workouts in with some running. Starting next week I will have come up with an actual plan to keep up with, which will be part of my October goals.

Today I woke up and set out right away. I planned on taking it easy today, since yesterday’s run brought out pain I have never felt. I ran a mile, and walked on and off for the rest of my 3.14 mi run. I still stayed just under an 11 minute mile, taking 33 minutes for the whole run.

I got home and did a 10 minute stretching yoga routine. It was time for breakfast, so I made some 2 ingredient pancakes (that I add a ridiculous amount of ingredients to). I started with a banana and 1/4 cup Better’n eggs and 1 egg white because I ran out of Better’n eggs. I added about 1/4 cup of oats, cinnamon, and vanilla. I poured them on my griddle and put strawberries in half, and blueberries in half. On top I had sugar-free syrup and fat-free whipped cream. Technically only 2 points+, but normal in calories.

I finished up my coffee and relaxed for awhile. I went and started laungry and then cleaned up the house some. I found a lower body work out on youtube to do for my “leg day”. Tony even did it with me! I had a coconut macaroon greek yogurt for a snack, 2 points+. Tony headed to school and I showered.

Once I was ready I went to to the store for some groceries. I had to stop at 2 places, so it took longer than I wanted. I wanted to eat lunch a bit earlier today because I am going to start trying to eat dinner earlier so I don’t eat to close to bed time, but today I ended up eating later than usual. I almost had chicken salad, but decided that since I just bought lunch meat, I should probably go in that direction. I had a monte cristo sandwich, with an apple and some bbq baked Lays. 6 points+, a pretty big lunch!

While eating lunch I wanted some TV. A TON of my shows are back on for the fall season and I am excited! I continued to binge read blogs and binge watch Hulu for a good part of my afternoon. I ended up getting a headache before I felt hungry again, but I could tell that’s what it was from. I had a Kashi dark mocha almond bar and then a 100 calorie popcorn bag with chocolate chips. 6 points+ for both snacks.

As usual I was wasting my night off. I felt lazy and my back started to hurt, and my neck came right along with. I still had a bag of laundry to fold, but that was the last thing I wanted to do. I put it off for a good while before getting it done.

It was already the evening by the time I finished that off. I just kept watching more random things on netflix and reading Simply Taralynn. I am so jealous of how far she has come in blogging and weight loss/healthy lifestyles. I hope I can get this little old thing rolling sometime!

I was starving, and I was nervous to try eating dinner earlier. I know I will be super hungry after and end up wanting to eat my whole house. I decided to finally eat at around 6:45. Normally I don’t eat until 8 or after, so It was gonna be different! Saturday morning I made Turkey Chili Mac, which is one of our favorite dinners, and only 7 points+. This is the first time I ate it this time around, and Tony has already had all 3 of his portions!

I did some more nothing, and then put on an ab workout video. Once I was finished I went to the kitchen and made myself an open faced fluffernutter sandwich using light bread, better’n peanut butter, and just a little bit of marshmallow fluff! 3 points+, capping me off for the day.

It’s very early still, and I’m nervous that I will want to eat again. I already have my lingering headache from earlier, so I will be having tea soon and probably head to bed early. Tomorrow is Tuesday, so that means a long day in my hour away studio once again! The weekend can’t come fast enough.


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