New hair always helps.

I slept for almost a full 9 hours last night, and it was phenomenal. I definitely needed that to catch up from this weekend.

I got out of bed, poured some coffee, and started breakfast. Today I had one egg and one egg white on two pieces of toast with green onion and ham. Very good and filling!

I sat around a bit and decided it was time to get my hair cut and dyed finally. I called and made an appointment and then did some dishes and cleaned until it was time to go! It felt like it took forever… because it did. I am not used to getting my hair dyed anymore, let alone in a salon!

I love how it came out! I wanted burgundy peek-a-boo highlights, but they really didn’t come out as much as I’d like. Next time I’ll have her add more. I don’t have a great picture of it yet, so I’ll just put one from my run.

That's a dye smudge, not a hickey...

That’s a dye smudge, not a hickey…

I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and I still had to go shopping. I found a stand of Luna Bars at Target and couldn’t help but eat one before even ringing out! I grabbed all of the other things I needed and it was finally time to go home.

Tony got home soon after (THANK GOD HE’S ON DAYS AGAIN). For lunch I made a turkey sandwich with spinach and sriracha, some baked bbq lays, and an apple. After my food settled, we went for a run! We did 4.52 miles in 50:35 minutes, a fairly good amount of walking after the long break. It felt nice to be back out!

We got back home and folded the laundry, TOGETHER! I am loving this! I was starting to get too hungry, so we decided it was time for dinner. Last night my mom made poorboys for by brother’s birthday dinner and we couldn’t make it, so she gave them to Tony when he picked the laundry up! While I heated dinner, I snacked on some pretzels. We shared one and a double baked potato instead of having one each. I had a salad with fat free thousand island dressing and croutons!

We watched SNL with Miley Cyrus, and then did our ab video! After it was time for dessert! I had an ice cream cone, but after I was hungry still so I had strawberries and a banana with some fat-free whipped cream. I also snuck some Annie’s snickerdoodle bunnies!

Not tracking is feeling great. I will weigh in Friday morning and see what effects it’s having on my weight loss. I’m sure I’ve gained since this weekend was a mess, but otherwise I am doing good and will keep working out!


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