Last far work day!

I woke up 3 different times today. Finally getting out of bed I poured my coffee and relaxed. I then had to rush to put my lunch together and make/eat breakfast at the same time. I ate som pancakes made from Kodiak Cakes and PB2 with blueberries and PB2 and syrup on top. Very good. It’s been awhile since I’ve used the mix!

After I rushed around and got ready I put my lunch together and headed out the door with more coffee.

I had an appointment first thing, then the other one from my first half cancelled. I did some workouts here and there between reading. I ate a Kashi granola bar and apple for a snack.

At lunch I walked around the store and grabbed workout shirts for both Tony and I. I found lots of things that I can get whenever I have a good coupon next!

I got back and ate my ham sandwich and beanitos. I wanted so much more, but I couldn’t waste my snacks. I hate being out of the house all day!

I had another appointment when my lunch was over. Once I finished with them I did some more sitting. I went and worked out when I felt like it. I ended up doing lots of burpees, dips, and sumo squats! I ate my pretzels and caramel rice cake without taking pictures, and listened to a podcast and scrolled through Pinterest for a good amount of the rest.

It came time to run as fast as I could out of that place. It was my last week working there! I was SO HUNGRY driving home, and it seemed to take forever, even though it was the same hour that it takes every. single. time.

When I got home, Tony had dinner ready as planned! He made chicken fajitas with refried beans and his own elotes! I made my tortilla into a bowl and started with beans, added the corn, then lettuce, the chicken and peppers, and topped it off with Valentina! It was VERY spicy, which is just how I like it!

I was determined to take a walk after dinner, after being stationary for so long. Tony suggested walking to the ice cream shop, and I of course can’t turn that down! We walked 1.71 miles round trip. I ordered ONE SCOOP of no sugar added butter pecan on a cake cone (although that waffle cone always called my name). It was seriously AMAZING. I am happy with my choice.

We got home and I now we are watching some TV while I blog. Today while at work I tracked the food I ate Sunday through today, and without tracking I’ve still done a good job! I have consumed more, but not over the amount I should! I am still a bit nervous about this, but I will go back to not tracking again now!


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