Beautiful day!

I had all intentions to run first thing this morning, but it was cold, my bed was comfortable, and coffee sounded way too good. I crawled out of bed and did the dishes while the coffee pot did its thing. I relaxed a bit and then threw some breakfast together. I had some Better’n Eggs with 2 turkey sausage links on top of 2 low fat Nutrigrain Eggo waffles and some syrup. It wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but pretty tasty.

I’ve been doing lots of research on clean(er) eating lately, while finishing off all the processed foods I already have. I’m trying to cut down and most of what I’ve been buying is HEALTHY. I know I won’t be going full blown all organic anytime soon, but it takes time!

It was a PERFECT day for a run, so I finally got off the couch. I first stripped my whole bed to wash while I was gone. I headed off and finished a very dragging 4.5 miles in 51 minutes. Still lots of walking! Come to find my path choice is just a bit too open for this sunny of a day. I was sweating. I stopped at the store on the way home and bought ridiculous amount of Luna Bars (I had to try the s’mores one on the way home), pumpkin coffee, fruit and veggies, and some almond butter!

I stretched on the foam roller and then cleaned the bathroom like I’ve been meaning to do, finally! Man, I was getting a lot done!

I showered, and then by then I was starving. I made chicken salad and ate it with the apple I used. It was amazing as always, no surprise there. Today I even added half a box of dried cranberries.

Finally time to relax for awhile! I really should have done some sort of workout, but I was pooped! After a while, I was still feeling hungry and I didn’t want to get a headache or make it so I pig out later, so I made a cup of my new pumpkin coffee and a piece of toast with some almond butter and honey!

Tony got home and not long after we headed over to my parents’ house. It is my brother’s birthday today, so they ordered pizza and had cupcakes! We sat and chatted until it FINALLY got there. We ordered a veggie pizza with no cheese for Tony and I and it was great! I did sneak one itty bitty corner of the supreme pizza though.

Afterwards the cupcakes came out! We sang and he blew out the candles. I originally wanted to share one with Tony, but we of course ended up having one each.

IMG_8540IMG_8541 IMG_8542IMG_8543

We headed out not long after and took a walk. It was such a beautiful warm day and it was cooling off nicely. We got home and put our sheets on our bed and I’m surprised we didn’t jump right in then to sleep!

Instead he played video games, and I sat on the computer. Eventually I was sick of feeling hungry, so I had a bag of kettle corn. I’m so glad I bought 2 GIANT boxes of microwave popcorn pretty much right before deciding to eat healthier foods… NOT.

After all that I was still okay in my calorie count. Alright, I tracked again today. I planned on not doing so, but I’m so scared to just stop, and this pizza thing threw me off and I wanted to make sure I didn’t go overboard! I don’t feel very full still, and I think my not too healthy breakfast had a lot to do with that. Tomorrow I will eat something heartier for sure!

Now it’s time to relax, maybe have some tea and watch a movie before bed. 🙂


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