Grapefruit, Shawn T, shopping, and leftovers.

I got a nice and early start today! I did yoga first thing when I woke up, and then got some coffee and started to make my breakfast. I cooked 1 whole egg and 1 egg white with spinach and green peppers and put it on a tortilla with salsa and on the side had a grapefruit with 1 packet of stevia! This was the first grapefruit I’ve had since I was little!

After breakfast I loafed around for quite some time on the computer. I finally found what exercise I am doing outside of running! I am starting a hybrid of Shaun T’s Focus T25 and running. Today I started with the Cardio video. I was excited to start, and see how it was compared to Insanity, then after I was pretty sweaty and tired! My only issue is that with this, along with Insanity, I get BAD pains in my feet and have to stop before I would from how tired I am getting. I am sure they will get used to it, but until then, I’m not thrilled.

I made a pumpkin protein shake afterwards, it was super yummy! The one thing I hate is that my protein powder is EXTRA gritty. I don’t remember it being that way all the other times I made shakes the same way. It’s weird.

I got ready and headed off to do all the errands I had for the day. First stop was Barnes & Noble. I had a coupon, and I ended up getting a cookbook for $6, not before buying a banana and coffee first.

Next was grocery shopping, which took entirely too long. I finally got home with all of my great finds and made lunch. Eating this late scares me because I feel like I won’t ever get my hunger to stop! I made a tuna salad sandwich and had half a can of Progresso light soup that Tony bought in bulk because it was on a crazy sale. (Wonder why…)

I still felt hungry, but I managed to not eat any extras! My food finally settled, and I was full after all! I waiting awhile and then headed off on a run/walk because I didn’t feel like 25 minutes of a video workout was enough! I ran 1.18 miles at a 9 minute mile, then walked another 2 miles before going home. It was a beautiful day.

It had been 2.5 hours since lunch, and I still didn’t want to eat! I did some stretches on the foam roller, and then just relaxed. It felt so nice to just sit, so I decided to take a bath. I listened to a podcast and just soaked for awhile.

Today Tony worked his normal shift, but has to work from midnight to 4pm tomorrow on overtime, so he decided to just stay at work, instead of coming home for a few hours and not be able to get sleep due to all the distractions.

I was getting hungry, and I am still trying to eat dinner earlier, so I started it up. I had the fajita leftovers from Tuesday. It was just as good this time around, and I think even spicier! Must have been more jalapenos in this scoop of beans!

I actually felt pretty full! Today was a good day, besides waiting too long for lunch. Maybe that’s what made me not want to eat everything in the house between then and dinner.

I’ve only done an ab video once this week, because there has been a muscle in my lower abdominal/groin that hurts pretty badly when I use it for a long time, and I really have been pushing it. I don’t want to hurt it worse, so I was going to take a week off from using it as much as I do while doing lower ab workouts. I’ll probably pick it back up tomorrow, because miraculously it hasn’t been as sore today!

I did some more stretching, then decided to grab “dessert” before it got to close to bedtime! I made greek yogurt with PB2 and Puffins peanut butter cereal, and an apple. So good, and always my favorite.

Today went really well. Lots of exercise, great food, and pretty productive! Tomorrow is weigh in, but I’m taking it lightly. My lack of exercise and LONG weekend definitely isn’t going to make me lose weight. I’ll be using this weight as my start weight of my start over. Hopefully it’s not too discouraging!


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