A wedding and a hike.

Yesterday started off well. I woke up refreshed, which was good, I had a long day ahead of me! I asked Tony what he wanted for breakfast, and he told me eggs and hashbrowns. I got into the kitchen, and started everything up! I cut up all the veggies I could find, the rest of the turkey lunch meat we had, along with a sweet potato and then poured some olive oil into a cast iron skillet and threw it all together! While that cooked, I made up some eggs and toast. A few moments after I also ate the rest of the grapefruit from the other day.

After our breakfast feast we relaxed for a bit and it was already time to get ready for the wedding! After some time, we were ready to go and still had lots of time so we decided to go out to lunch first.

We went to a well known restaurant in our city that was on the way. I got a beer and a chicken wrap and homemade chips. It was good, and the wrap was actually fresh and not greasy at all.

After a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for a pumpkin macchiato, we hit the road and 1 and a half hours later arrived at the wedding. We found people we knew and caught up with people we haven’t seen in awhile.

The wedding started and it was amazing! I got goosebumps during the whole ceremony.

Next up was cocktail hour. I grabbed a beer and went around with the wedding party helping with some of the photography. I finished up and hung out with everyone until it was time to move to the reception space. It was BEAUTIFUL. We watched as the wedding party made their entrance. After some time, they released the tables for the buffet. I do love a good buffet! Afterwards we munched on way too many cupcakes.
IMG_8633IMG_8635 IMG_8640DSC_0020

The rest of the night was filled with drinking, and dancing, and having a great time!

We got back to the hotel, and ended up passing out pretty quickly.

This morning we woke up and got ready to go to breakfast. I had a maple cinnamon waffle with sausage and a banana.

We went back upstairs and grabbed our things and left to go on our hike we had planned for the day. It was a beautiful path, and we ended up going for 2.5 hours and making it to around 6.6 miles!

Next was lunch, we stopped at a small italian restaurant and bar on the way home and munched on some hot wings and deep dish pizza. So good!!

We went home, and after showering, unpacking, and catching up with house work it was FINALLY time to relax. We have been listening to a podcast called Goosebuds, lately where they read and talk about Goosebumps books. On the way home we may have stopped and grabbed all of my old books from my parents’ house. We started reading the first one.

We were getting hungry so we went to pick up some dinner. We went and grabbed some chicken with potatoes, cole slaw, and amazing corn fritters.

While we ate dinner we watched the new American Horror Story, then read some more Goosebumps. Back to the grind tomorrow. I definitely don’t mind, I need some clean food and exercise!


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