Catch up – boring days.

Here’s a little catch up:

Yesterday I woke up and had to run first thing to fit something in before work. I ran 2.2 mi in 29 minutes. It felt like it was my first time running ever.

For breakfast I had honey bunches of oats with a piece of toast and cherry fruit spread.

I headed off to work. The morning was very busy. I had a half a banana and then a Kashi granola bar. Once it came time for my lunch I went to panera and ordered a half arugula and ancient grain salad with chicken. I asked for a fruit cup instead of bread, and got both. I ended up also eating half of the bread.

The evening was a bit slower at work, my snacks were an apple and bag of sweet potato chips.

I finally got out, and got home as tony finished dinner. We had rigatoni with veggies and the remaining chicken sausages. He made garlic bread and salads on the side. It was WAY better than the experimental sauce from the other night!

We read goosebumps together as I devoured the rest of the grapes in the fridge. We went to sleep early.

So now on to today:

I started my day with 10 minutes of yoga. It’s been awhile, and my back has been so sore and tight lately from being so lazy. My kitties joined in as well!

I made up my breakfast right after. On today’s menu was pumpkin french toast, with sautéed apples. It was an extremely fall dish for an extremely fall day.

I sat around waiting to see if I worked. Started some laundry, did some arm workouts, when finally I found out I had to go in for a few hours. I needed to run, and now knew that it would have to just be around the neighborhood. I made an english muffin with almond butter and once it settled, set off to run.

I’ve decided to put my T25/running hybrid on hold because my schedule is too inconsistent to stick to something of the sort, so I’ll be running still, hopefully sticking to somewhere close to 15-20 miles a week. Today I walked a bit over a half mile to warm up, then started off. At around 2 miles I started getting stomach cramps, probably from all the awful food I’ve been eating. At 2.5 miles I called it quits and had a very intentionally hilly 1.15 mile walk home. It felt good, and eventually I’ll work my way back up to my old running habits.

I got home and hit the shower. Right after I had to eat my lunch before going to work. I made chicken salad, with cranberries and pecans. I wrapped it in a lettuce wrap. It wasn’t as filling as I needed so I had an apple right after.

Work was short and sweet. I went shopping when I got out, and then hurried home to start dinner. We made BLTs! I had uncured bacon, and baked it with folded foil so that the grease drained off some. I ate mine on a tortilla. On the side we made some Alexia sweet potato puffs! I could have eaten the whole pan… of both the puffs and bacon!

We sat and listened to the podcast reviewing the Goosebumps book we finished last night. After that finished, we watched the episode on Netflix. I guess you can say we found a new hobby!

We did some ab workouts, and then I ate a pumpkin 100 calorie whips yogurt. I didn’t want to eat any more fat today, but I ended up also snacking on a few cookie thins that were left in the bag.

The last two days have been great. I’ve been tracking, but very casually, mostly just to ensure I’m not going overboard, which I’ve been doing great at (apart from weekends). We have no big plans this weekend, so who knows how that will turn out.

For now I am very happy with running and just staying healthy, and that will be my main goal, unless I feel I need to change it.


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