Unexpected days off – always the best.

No yoga this morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed at all. I finally pulled myself up and grabbed some coffee. I started my breakfast, which entitled spilling oatmeal all over the floor, and then yet another oatmeal explosion in the microwave. Today I mixed in pumpkin, spices, pecans, and maple syrup. Delicious, but what a pain.

I finished off the coffee pot while doing some online job searching and then got ready for my run. I walked a half mile to warm up and then did 4 miles in around 48 minutes. Lots of walking still. It was such a beautiful fall day, it just felt good to be out and walking.

I got home and after some leg workouts, stretching, and foam rolling, took a shower. I then got to enjoy my favorite snack! An apple with pb2 greek yogurt and chia seeds.

After some more job research, I found out that I was no longer needed at work. I got changed into everyday clothes (shocking!) and then left for my quick Walmart trip. While I was checking out, Tony texted me asking where I was. He had gotten home earlier than I expected!

When I got home we bickered over what to do while I ate lunch. I had Better’n Eggs with ham, mushrooms, and onions. On the side I ate sweet potato chips and a grapefruit with truvia.

After a couple of hours of relaxing around I had a bag of kettle corn.

Eventually we decided to go to Barnes & Noble and got some coffees and looked around at some things. After we browsed around at all the things we wanted but couldn’t buy at Best Buy. What fun.

We got home and I promptly started heating up dinner. We had BLTs again, but today I had it on bread! So much better this way.

And for dessert? Beer!

Today was unexpectedly nice, after the morning I had. Getting called off work definitely can change ones mood!

Now for some relaxing and more Goosebumps!


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