Mostly errands.

With the sun rising later, getting out of bed is getting harder and harder. Luckily today I didn’t even have a plan to run right away, so I just had to roll out of bed to get some coffee.

Before breakfast I ran my laundry over to my parents’ house to start. When I got home I made a quick egg sandwich with a multi-grain english muffin, 1 egg/1 egg white, and a yellow bell pepper slice. On the side I had a half a grapefruit with a truvia packet.

I caught up on all of the blogs I read, and finished up an application. I had some errands to run today, so I grabbed a Kashi granola bar and set off. I first turned in my application and resume, and then went to the JCPenney nearby to try some boots in a size my store didn’t have. I ended up going with the size that was at my store anyways. I was planning on going to Trader Joe’s since I was close by, but I ended up thinking where it was incorrectly, and just going to Jewel before home.

I got home, and after putting the groceries away, made a salad with quinoa, chicken, and my favorite sesame and soy dressing! It wasn’t super filling, so I grabbed and apple, and found myself eating it just to eat it so I threw a bit away.

I grabbed the laundry and then came home and got ready for our run. We headed back to our path to explore the new unpaved paths we discovered. We ended up going 3.66 miles in 39 minutes. Not too bad. I can feel myself gaining a bit of the stamina I had back and having more of a desire to do it. I just need to switch up the routes more often.

We got home, I ate some yogurt with cereal, stretched, and then showered. I watched a bit of TV afterwards, finally not having anything to do.

Before I knew it, it was time to start dinner. I cut up a sweet potato for fries, and popped them in the oven. I then used Laaloosh’s Asian Burgers with Spicy Slaw recipe to make turkey burgers and coleslaw. I ended up adding WAY more cabbage to the slaw after mixing it all together because the dressing seemed overbearing, and it came out great! The whole meal was amazing, and I am very excited for leftovers tomorrow night!

We sat and watched some Property Brothers (it’s on Netflix now!!), and then did our own thing for a bit. After a bit I made some banana soft serve with pumpkin and snickerdoodle bunnies, but it was disappointing and I ended up having a bit of ice cream anyways. I didn’t go over what I was allowed for the day, but I would have preferred skipping the banana failure.

Now it is time for more Goosebumps, and more relaxing. Back to work tomorrow, but nothing like the weekend days I just worked, thankfully.

My goals for October have been mostly overlooked, so I am just focusing on running 20 miles a week, and getting some strength in here and there. It has worked for me the best this way, and everything else just ends up making me take too many break days and when I do work out I feel like I haven’t. I guess I shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken!


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