Trail runs and grocery shopping.

I woke up feeling great today. I got great sleep because of how awful my sleep was Saturday night. My alarm didn’t set correctly, so I woke up on my own about a half an hour later than I wanted.

I thought about running first thing, but it was a beautiful day, so I wanted to wait and go to a trail once it warmed up a bit. I grabbed my coffee, and not feeling too hungry, did some dishes. Afterwards I made eggs with toast and a grapefruit.
I did my morning online recap, finished my coffee, and then did some leg/butt workouts. I got ready to run and then took some laundry over to my parents’ house. I was planning on running the route our 5k we’ll be doing Saturday just to check it out, but I ended up getting lost in the woods, so walking and standing a bit more than I would normally. I ended up doing 3.35 miles in 37 minutes. Lots of uphill!

I had grocery shopping to do next. When I started my laundry I grabbed a Quaker protein bar to eat in between, even though I wasn’t feeling too hungry, I knew I needed to eat something after working out.

I finally got home and did some house work before showering. I finally started to feel hungry (NOT normal for me) so I made some chicken salad with apples and almonds and had it with the rest of the apple, and some 50/50 spring mix and spinach.

Tony got home and we set off to grab a few things we needed at JCPenney before my coupon expired. I grabbed a new long sleeve running shirt, a knit headband, and some slipper socks. Before heading home we got coffee at Barnes & Noble.

I got home and folded the laundry as he read the ending of Goosebumps. I started dinner right after. Tostadas with turkey meat and beans and Mexican seasoned quinoa. I had 2 tostadas.

I did my stretching and ab workouts and promptly grabbed some butter pecan frozen yogurt on a cone. I did NOT want to have dessert tonight due to my seconds at dinner, but I did track everything and it wasn’t really bad at all.

We watched the episode linking to our book and now we’re listening to the podcast. I have a feeling it’s going to be an early night, maybe I’ll wake up early for a chilly fall run!


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