Lazy lazy gloomy Tuesday!

For being such a gloomy day, it was surprisingly good! I woke up before my alarm, but only because Dexter was trying to win the most annoying cat award. I changed my alarm to later, but still couldn’t sleep, and once realizing I was perfectly awake, just got up.

I had planned on running first thing, but decided I didn’t feel like it. I started getting things ready for breakfast, but instead grabbed a banana and got changed into my running clothes. The only guaranteed time of no rain was until 10, so I figured I should just get it over with.

I wore my new pull over, and long leggings, but it was still chilly. I do however LOVE the wrist holes it has. I did end up sweating quite a bit still. I ran 2 miles straight! That’s the best I’ve done in awhile. While it still frustrates me, I am glad I’m making progress. I hit a hill right at the 2 mile mark, maybe I could have gone further if that weren’t the case. I ended up doing 3.52 miles in 36 minutes. Much better.

I got home and did some upper body work outs. I was actually pretty sore from the bit of lower body I did yesterday. I was very hungry by then, so I made a bowl of oatmeal with PB2 and strawberries and had a piece of toast with peanut butter. Nice warm breakfast for this cold day.

After breakfast and browsing online, I jumped in the shower and then read for awhile in the bath. I finally got up and did some house work. A good remainder of the morning was spent relaxing under a cozy blanket.

I made a cup of salted caramel black tea and then set off on my “quick” shopping trip. I started at Target, and ended up leaving empty handed, then I headed over to Fresh Thyme and grabbed a pizza crust for dinner tonight and some cereal since we were almost out. On my way back I passed the used book store and turned around to pop in to grab the next Goosebumps book since it was one we didn’t have yet. I planned on going home after, then decided last minute to stop at Marshall’s. I was only looking for a travel coffee cup, but also ended up buying a stove top espresso maker, and a huge candle.

As soon as I got home I made my lunch. I avoided having a morning snack, since my breakfast was kind of large and in 2 parts due to my run. I grabbed a pocket thin and added turkey, feta, spring mix, and buffalo sauce and heated it on the stove. On the side I had some hot pop chips!

More cozy blanket time. Lately I’ve been working on my online photography certificate that I started earlier this year, so I got some of that done. The main part I need to finish will be the couple of assignments I have left.

I have declared today my lazy day. Getting my run done early, really just made me feel like I didn’t do much. I got my 10,000 step goal in pretty early on, so I didn’t really NEED to be active anymore, but it still felt wrong.

I read, went on the computer, watched TV, and just relaxed. It’s been awhile since I’ve done almost nothing. I was craving something sweet so I grabbed an apple, yogurt with PB2, and some almonds. Reminded me of eating a caramel apple!

Tony got home (finally) and we sat and talked some. I just wanted to cook dinner so I had something to do, but it wasn’t going to take me very long!

After a while I caved and started cutting vegetables. We had another pizza. I will never buy another pre maid crust after having Rustic Crusts. Yum!

I grabbed more, but after a bite, decided I didn’t NEED it. We were watching The Others (we’re in spooky moods!) and we did some stretching and ab workouts. I then whipped up some healthy hot chocolate with unsweetened cocoa powder, truvia packets, and unsweetened almond milk! On the side I made a piece of toast with Better’n peanut butter, but once again only had half and decided it was unnecessary. Then I gave Tony one of the marshmallows out of my cocoa. I was on a roll!

After finishing the movie it was time for some Goosebumps. When he got home I had asked him what took so long and he said he went to the used bookstore but they didn’t have the book we needed. That was only because I had bought it, we were trying to surprise one another!

Today truly felt like a fall day, it’s starting to get pretty cold! I’m not mad, not until the snow comes anyways…


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