An even gloomier Wednesday

It was so dark when I woke up the first time, and my kitty girl came in and cuddled me, so I went back to sleep! I finally woke up just after 8, and stayed in bed for a pretty long time. It was raining, and it wasn’t supposed to stop. I finally managed to get up and did a 10 minute intermediate flexibility yoga routine. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a whole routine and not just some on my own!

It was time for breakfast so I headed to the kitchen and grabbed some pumpkin coffee and used my homemade pumpkin creamer. It was a pumpkin day, so I whipped up some 2 ingredient pancakes, adding pumpkin, spices, and some baking powder. I sprinkled some pecans, cinnamon and sugar, and PURE maple syrup on top. I finally finished off the bottle of sugar free garbage I had in the cabinet and bought some. I used only 1 tbsp because of how strong it is and it was plenty.

After breakfast it was time for my normal routine. I found a pretty good work out in a magazine I was reading at breakfast and decided it was time to get off my butt and do it!

After a few minutes of recovery it was time to run. I pulled out the treadmill and turned on some Fixer Uppers! I found myself VERY tired just after 1 mile, probably due to the sprint I thought I could manage, but got right back to running. I ended up doing 3.23 miles in 32 minutes. Just under a 10 minute mile with a couple of small walking breaks! I was SO sweaty, I forgot about how much more I sweat inside without all the wind!

With the energy from running I had a cleaning kick, doing the litter, dishes, and cleaning the whole kitchen before my shower. Afterwards I went into the closet to grab clothes for my shower and cleaned it up as well!

I hadn’t had a snack yet, and figured it was late enough to just eat lunch so I made a ham sandwich with gouda. I was craving a huge salad, so on the side I salvaged what was left of our lettuce and had a tiny salad with thousand island dressing on the side.

I threw on a sweater, my new slippers, and made some salted caramel tea, and got all cozy on the couch. I looked like the definition of fall.

I painted my nails and watched some more TV. I had an on call shift tonight at work and hadn’t hear back by this time, so I figured I didn’t have to work, once again. I’m completely okay with this. It’s helping me get a lot of housework done and giving me a nice relaxed period before holiday time breaks loose.

Tony got home and I headed to the store to get things for tomorrows dinner. The first thing I did when I got home was make an english muffin with almond butter and had some strawberries with it.

We relaxed and watched a documentary on the Back to the Future franchise on Netflix. We heard a knock and found out that my Colorado photo book I made and (finally after weeks) ordered had been delivered!

Afterwards we got dinner together. Leftover tostadas from Monday. Tonight I only had one!

We watching some House Hunters and he just enjoyed being home after a bad day at work. We did an ab video, and then grabbed some ice cream cones. Now to read and end our night on another good note!


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