Great light day.

After a great night of sleep I felt refreshed and myself again. I wasn’t feeling hungry (strange, I know) so I poured my coffee and did a 10 minute yoga routine. My morning fullness wore off and I made myself a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal with maple syrup and pecans on top.

I did my normal routine online, finding out that I was no longer off work and would have to go in for just a couple of hours. I got moving and cleaned up the house. Afterwards I left for my run.

I went out to my favorite path, and after a pretty brutal muddy hill, my calves started to kill me, possibly the worst ever. I ended up finishing 3.75 miles with a pretty good amount of walking. No matter what I do it seems like I can’t prevent the pain if my route contains hills.

I went shopping afterwards, and snacked on a Kashi granola bar on the way home. I was ready to get home!

At home I started up an upper body workout video and completed part of it. There were 3 cycles, and I only did the first which contained 3 sets of quite a few exercises, so I felt that was good for my current fitness level.

I got some things done, and eventually started wanting some lunch. I made a HUGE salad with chicken, strawberries, almonds, feta, dried cranberries, and poppyseed dressing. Delicious!

I relaxed for a bit until Tony got home. I had an apple, and then we took a short walk and then I left for work with some caramel coconut tea on the go!

Work went pretty quickly, but not easily. When I got home Tony had dinner ready. We had leftover chicken parmesan in pocket thins with sauteed zucchini and yellow peppers and a salad.

Afterwards we did a quick ab work out and grabbed some ice cream. I actually made my scoop look cute today.

Finally time to listen to some Goosebumps. We’ve really been slacking on this book, I guess we just aren’t interested in mummies. Today was an extremely good eating day. Everything I had was very light but filling, and I actually had to have dessert to make sure I had enough calories! I plan on making good choices everyday this week!


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