I guess I like meatloaf now.

It was so foggy out this morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed, BUT I did. I grabbed my coffee and made some eggs with toast and jelly. Simple, delicious, filling.

After breakfast I did a ton of interview prep, I now have 2 interviews tomorrow! After a long time of that, I got up and did the house work so I could go on a run.

I left and told myself that if I could manage to do 2 miles without stopping, that was all I had to do… but I stopped and walked a bit after 1 mile, so I ended up doing 2.68 miles in 28 minutes. I need to improve by the 15th so I can run an 8k!

I came home and did a foam roller routine. After showering I grabbed a bowl of greek yogurt sweetened with vanilla stevia drops and added chia seeds and blackberries.

I got dinner ready to be cooked since I had to work and was having Tony put things in the oven a bit before I would get home. By then it was time for lunch. I made a ham and gouda pocket thin and had sweet potato Pop Chips (FAVORITE, BEST, OMG) and some grapes.

I left for work, taking some more chips with me along with pumpkin spice tea. The night went quickly because I was way too busy to be alone. I got off, called Tony, and discovered he hadn’t started any of the dinner.

When I got home I had a granola bar, and sat to wait for the food to finally be done. I did ab workouts so I wouldn’t have to after dinner.

It was finally ready. I made meatloaf from Skinnytaste, with green beans, and mashed potatoes made with a little bit of greek yogurt and garlic. I have never cared for meatloaf, and Tony has been asking for it lately so I finally did it, and it was possibly the best meatloaf I’ve ever had!

We sat and watched some videos for most of the night. Of course I had some frozen yogurt, butter pecan kind of night.

Now I have to go prepare for my interviews and watch some Netflix with Tony! Wish me luck tomorrow!


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