2 job interviews, my beautiful fall Wednesday and Thursday.

I woke up to more fog yesterday, before my alarm, after not sleeping well. I had trouble falling asleep Tuesday night, since I was excited for my interviews, then after waking up 10,000 times because my cat has it out for me, I woke up early and just stayed up because I wanted to have time to prepare.

I made myself some french toast with Better’n Eggs, and some of the pumpkin “coffee creamer” I made awhile back. It was yummy, and light.

I looked into the library I would be interviewing at first yesterday, and reread the position description. I got there a half hour early because I was nervous I would be late with traffic, and we got started right away. It felt more like I was just having a conversation with someone, and I believe it went well! I will be hearing back early next week about either a second interview, or an offer.

Right after the interview I ate the apple cobbler Kashi bar in my purse and went to the store to pick up a few things. I got home, had some grapes, and did some house work. My other interview was in about an hour, so I made lunch early. I had a apple flavored turkey sandwich, with pear gorgonzola dressing and feta, with an apple and sweet potato chips. These chips, I really can’t get over them.

I got ready to head out, and left for interview #2! I was mostly interested in the first position I interviewed for today, due to more money, a higher position, and what I think would be a better library to work at. This one is closest to me, but the money is tough, and I don’t really want to work in the area it is in. I did have a great time at that interview as well, it was more proper, conducted by 2 people, and had real questions, and even a test of how to put books in order at the end (which I aced, btw). I won’t hear back from them until a couple of weeks from now, so I will know about the other one beforehand, which I am thankful for.

I got home and it was time for Tony to be heading home. I really wanted to run when he got home, but after having such a great day, I was ready to celebrate! We did a bit of shopping for friends, and then went and had a couple of beers and artichoke dip, I wasn’t too thrilled with the dip, and it hurt my stomach.

Afterwards, we went into the mall to pick up a game Tony had pre-ordered. Then it was time for dinner! We went to a brewing company not too far that we had been to twice before. I had a couple of beers and a huge burger with bacon, cheese, and bacon marmalade. I can never pass up sweet potato fries…

We stopped at Jewel on the way home for beer and some dessert parfaits! I had strawberries and cream, he had pumpkin. We hung out and went through old boxes he picked up from his mom’s house and eventually went to sleep.

Last night’s sleep was much better than the previous night’s. Probably because the beer knocked me out. I woke up, but still wanted to go back to sleep. I dragged myself out of bed and made myself eggs with cheese, ham, and a piece of toast.

After my routine, I got up and did some lower body workouts. Right after I set off on my “run”. Today, my LEGS were fine, but I got tired FAST. For the first couple of miles I kept my walk breaks to a minimum, but after that I walked a lot because I got 2, not 1, but 2 stitches. I ended at 3.5 miles at a 12 minute pace. It was a beautiful day, I was just happy to be outside.

After returning home I did some stretching, foam rolling, and ab workouts before grabbing a snack. I made a brown sugar cinnamon mini bagel and smothered it in peanut butter.

I sat listening to the Midnight Marinara podcast while browsing online for the rest of my afternoon. I keep binge listening to podcasts and running out, but this is the one I’m on now! It is readings of creepy pastas, and really spooky, especially when you’re lost in the woods while running.

I made some lunch. Today I had a grilled ham and gouda sandwich with hot pop chips.

It was time for work. I was alone, and not busy at all. It dragged on, and I finally went home. I was starving because I didn’t bring any snacks with me!

We heated our leftover meatloaf right away. It was just as amazing this time, and with corn, my favorite.

We listened to some Goosebumps trying to hurry and finish the book, and then grabbed some frozen yogurt and ginger snaps.

I have a feeling tonight is going to be an early night. For now we are listening to the rest of the book, and then we’ll finish the podcast. Finally the weekend!


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