My too fast weekend.

My weekend went by far too quick.

We woke up Friday, excited for Chicago. I made myself peanut butter chocolate chip egg & banana pancakes.

After breakfast we tried to go for a run, but I was too anxious for fun so we did under 3 miles and walked a bit.

After getting ready we went to lunch. We drove really far for some reason, and I ended up having an average pulled chicken sandwich with fries and mac & cheese.

After running around finishing errands, we grabbed my cousin from his house and set off! We went to celebrate my cousin and her boyfriend’s birthdays! We hung out for awhile, drinking and having a good time. For dinner we went back to a brewery we like and I had a salmon BLT! Yum!
IMG_9040IMG_9041 IMG_9047IMG_9050

I grabbed some frozen yogurt at Jewel afterwards. I ate LESS THAN HALF! We drank and stayed up the latest I’ve been up in forever.

The next day was a late start, starting with some Starbucks. We sat and chatted and planned our day.

Another friend came out and we headed to another neighborhood for some AMAZING mexican food. We stopped at a bakery on the way home for lots of pastries!
IMG_9059IMG_9060 IMG_9064

We hung out and drank and had a great time. Sadly it was coming time for us to leave, so we ordered sushi and had to stay even later. Worth it.

We got home way later and I immediately crawled into bed. I woke up with morning to head to work, not before some cereal and an english muffin with almond butter.

Work was BUSY and tiring. I had a snack around the right time, and grabbed a skim milk latte from Gloria Jeans, but didn’t eat the small lunch I packed until close to 5. I left soon after, stopping at the store and getting dinner.

We had chicken sausages from Fresh Thyme with macaroni salad and some Alexia sweet potato waffle fries. So good, and giant! You should have seen Tony’s, it was twice the size and he used 2 buns!

We had a cookie that he got from the store, and now we are sitting and watching some TV. It’s taking me everything in my power to not run to the store to get a bag of cookies, and I’m sure I still might.

Update: I got cookies.


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