Unexpected wonderful day.

Today was weird, but started pretty normally. I woke up, crawling out of bed for coffee, and after doing the dishes, made an omelette with feta, spinach, and turkey sausage with a side of toast.

I relaxed, checking my usual blogs and other things online and then became motivated enough to get into my workout clothes. I did some full body work outs and then got the treadmill out, 22+ mph, no thank you! I ended up walking a bit more than I would expect for a treadmill run, but then busted my ass to maintain a 10 minute mile, doing only 2.1 miles.

I showered and then started to play Fallout. I swear, my blogs really will be boring until I’m done with this obsession. Not to mention, holiday peak at work won’t leave me with much free time as it is, especially if I get this second job as well.

After awhile I needed a snack. I first did some stretching and rolling because I realized I had left that out of my routine. Then, I had some greek yogurt with pb2, chia seeds, and an apple.

I played some more, alternating between that and some online browsing. I’ve been doing some research to go to school next fall. I just can’t decide what exactly I want to do! I am so scared to waste all the time and money on something I won’t use.

After playing and browsing some more I grabbed grapes to munch on so that I could have a somewhat later lunch because my dinner wouldn’t be until around 9 with me working later tonight.

It was time for work. I grabbed a banana and granola bar before leaving, hoping it would be enough to tie me over. Here’s where the day took a turn: Once I got to work, my manager came out of the room and said “I was gonna call you off!” I told her that it wasn’t too late, and then got to go home, not before first stopping to grab some beers!

I came home to a nice new setup of all some of our Fallout collectables. I ate my granola bar, and grabbed a beer. A perfect start to my (now) 4 day weekend!

We drank some, played some, hung out, etc. After WAY longer than I expected we got dinner ready. We had leftover chicken with quinoa and asparagus, even though I wanted to go get a huge greasy burger somewhere by this point.

I opted out of dessert for the night. Well really, beer is my dessert. I can’t wait for this long weekend. I definitely need it before peak REALLY starts at work!

With that, I hope everyone has a great night. I know mine will be, filled with my husband, beer, and Fallout 4!


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