Last long weekend before HOLIDAY SEASON.

What a nice, long, weekend. Friday morning started with a bowl of cereal and a mini bagel with cream cheese.

For most of the morning I played Fallout while Tony cleaned the attic out. I eventually leaned the closet and did a few chores myself.

We had to take our friend to work, so while we were out we got some lunch. We both got a steak sandwich with blue cheese and onion strings with sweet potato fries drizzled with honey.

After lunch we had a pretty lazy day playing video games. After awhile we decided to go out, and after a ton of driving we met his mom at a small bar. We ran to grab hot dogs for dinner. I haven’t had hot dogs here in far too long. Joe’s is a true gem of Joliet, even after ownership changed.
IMG_9114IMG_9115 IMG_9116IMG_9117

We stayed out late, probably too late, and then passed out right when getting home.

Saturday morning wasn’t an easy one for me. I slept in late, and when I woke up Tony went to grab Chipotle for what I will call a brunch. It was just what I needed.

I napped for awhile, finally sleeping off most of my hangover and we went out for a run. It wasn’t a pleasant one, but I ended up doing 3.52 miles in 39:30, with LOTS of walking. We also found a giant spider!

We ran a couple of errands, and then went home. After showering and getting ready, I played Fallout a bit and then we left to meet our friends for a birthday dinner. We went to Lone Star. I got a margarita and ribs with a sweet potato and mac & cheese. They accidentally brought me the full rack so I got to keep half… even though I sadly left it at the restaurant.

We got home, and after some relaxing went right to sleep.

Race day was today! We ran the Red Eye 8k at the park district by our house. I woke up at 6, got ready, and had a banana with peanut butter. We got to the race and met up with a friend of Tony’s from work and his wife.

I did WAY better than I expected, and according to my GPS (starting earlier than the races stats since I didn’t start RIGHT at the starting line) I ran 5.1 miles in 49 minutes! I walked here and there towards the end, but kept it minimal.

After the run we got donuts and bloody marys. They started to announce all of the winners. They grouped it into gender and age groups. Tony unexpectedly won 3rd in his age group! We were caught off guard.

We got home and I showered to warm up. After my shower I took a quick nap. We played some more and then went to an early lunch. I got a steak “fajita” salad, that had BBQ ranch.

We got home and relaxed once again. Eventually we took a walk around the neighborhood because the weather was so nice. After MORE GAMING we went to my mom’s for dinner. I had a chicken sausage, baked beans, pasta salad, and potato salad.

All of my free time went to naps and Fallout today. I wasn’t feeling to hot but I still got up to watch the Hawks game and have some wings later.

We got home, and finally called it a night. Back to healthy eating tomorrow, and I am starting a new running goal of 18-20 miles a week again. I miss it!


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