Ups and downs.

Today had some ups and downs. Overall, I’m pretty happy.

I woke up to a gloomy day (one of many to come) and started the coffee. I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am because of all the crappy food I had last night. I ended up making a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal. This is definitely my favorite oatmeal:
1/2 cup quick oats
2 tbsp pumpkin puree
1/4 tsp of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice
4 drops vanilla stevia extract
Mix everything together and microwave.
I topped mine with 1/4 oz of pecans and 1 tbsp pure maple syrup.

After breakfast I was waiting and waiting for my first choice of library to call me or email me back. Around 9:45 I got an email I did NOT want to get. I didn’t get the job.

After sobbing uncontrollably for a little while, because I am an over-emotional mess, I pulled myself together and started applying to more places and called the library closest to my house to check on if they have filled the position I interviewed for there. I left a message for the woman I interviewed with, and then went on with my day.

I did some stretching, rolling, and upper body and ab workouts. Afterwards I got all of my housework done before showering. After my shower I ran laundry to my mom’s and then it was finally time to relax.

I grabbed an apple and a bag of popcorn and started Fallout. My mom came and picked me up when she got out of work to take me to Sam’s Club so I could buy some of the things I needed bulk of.

In the car while she was getting gas, I got a call back from the library I left a message for earlier. She talked a bit about my references and offered me the job! I learned about the next steps, and then went on with my shopping.

I got home and immediately made lunch. I had a chipotle turkey sandwich with gouda and some pop chips.

I played Fallout until Tony got home and then I had to go fill out an application at the library for them to put me into the system properly, and then we went grocery shopping.

Once we got home I had a bowl of grapes and played some. Our friend came over and we made pizzas for dinner. I had a caesar salad before, and somehow the picture of my pizza didn’t save, but I’ll take one tomorrow of my leftovers!

Tony and our friend played some games while I played Fallout. I hadn’t planned on eating dessert, but I did grab a bowl of ice cream. Even without any running today I still didn’t go much over my calorie allowance, so it was just fine.

Today ends my 5 day weekend. Unexpected but beautiful since I work the next 2 Saturdays. Now to relax and wind down.




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