A couple of plain ol’ days.

I got home fairly late last night, and after dinner it was time to relax and sleep, so I never got a chance to blog. Not much happened yesterday, so here’s a quick recap:

I woke up and wasn’t hungry. Weird. I took advantage of this and did 3 miles on the treadmill, with way more walking than a treadmill run should have.

Afterwards I had breakfast, pancakes made with Kodiak cake mix. I heated some blackberries in the microwave and used those and a bit of pure maple syrup on the top.

After my usual computer ritual, I played Fallout. I snacked on some grapes, and played more until lunch. I had a wrap with chipotle turkey, spinach, and caesar dressing. On the side I had some barbecue pop chips.

I ended up finding out that I wasn’t needed at work until an hour later than expected so I played more and then made a piece of toast with Better’n Peanut Butter on top before leaving.

I  brought a granola bar and banana to work, but only ended up eating the banana because we got too busy. When I got home Tony had the pizza heating and homemade focaccia bread in the oven. Yum!

I played more Fallout and went to bed with NO DESSERT. One plus side of getting home late.

Today I woke up, once again not hungry. I debated for a while about if the wind would be too much for running outside and finally kicked myself into gear and headed out. I completed 4 miles in 43:27 minutes. A pretty good amount of walking, but lots of hills made it that way.

When I got home, I put my shower on hold just in case I wanted to work out more. I made myself eggs, toast, and sausage for breakfast.

Once I was finished with breakfast, I sat down on the couch and doubted I would be able to move again for a long time. I forced myself up, turned on a podcast and did some leg workouts anyways.

Afterwards, I took a shower and then headed to the grocery store for a few things. When I got back I had a granola bar, and folded clothes while watching TV, then played some of my game.

It came time for lunch. I made a ham and cheese pocket thin and had an apple and popcorn on the side.

After lunch I played a little. Once Tony got home, it was time to go meet my friend in the woods to have a (late) Halloween photo shoot!

We were gone for a long time, so once we got home I had to start dinner almost right away. Tonight I made Spicy Sriracha Shrimp Lo Mein, but used chicken instead of shrimp. This is my favorite dinner.

For the rest of the night, I played Fallout and ate ice cream. It was glorious. Now I’ve finally given Tony a turn so I could blog, and browse the internet for a while.

I’m guessing today was my last day of freedom for awhile, so my posts will be a bit less frequent. I will do what I can!


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