After a late night on Thursday I didn’t wake up until around 8:30 Friday morning. I lounged in bed for a bit, and then grabbed some coffee and made breakfast. I had a bowl of cereal with a mini bagel covered in almond butter.

After breakfast I highly doubted I would go running. I sat on the computer, played some Fallout, and then finally just got up and got bundled for the cold outside. Tony and I split from each other towards the end of our run, and I ended at 3.5 miles, and hastily took a shower.

I wasn’t hungry until after my shower which was surprising. I grabbed an apple and some greek yogurt with PB2 and chia.

After Tony got home and ready, we ran some errands, and then got lunch. I had a chicken sandwich with avocado, onion strings, chipotle mayo, and peppers, with some sweet potato fries. Oh, and of course beer.

We got home and I promptly played Fallout. After getting pretty sick of doing the same thing over and over again, I tried to find things to do online while Tony had people over to record a podcast.

I ended up joining them and being in the podcast as well, and it worked well because we talked about Fallout for a good amount of time, and I actually knew things about it.

After they went home, we debated on getting a very late dinner. The place we tried to go to was closed early for the night, so we ended up going home. At least we had the first snow falling to make in a nice drive.

After a while I had an almond butter and strawberry spread sandwich, and soon after went to bed.

I woke up this morning, not excited about my day to come. I packed my lunch, and then made myself some eggs with an english muffin and some ham for breakfast. Then it was time to set off.

Work was INSANE in the morning, but got slow around 1. I had a granola bar in the middle of chaos, and then finally took a lunch, eating my wrap, chips, and an apple. Before clocking back in I grabbed a mocha.

I got let out early, because people started to not show up for appointments. On the way home I stopped at the store for a few things for dinner, and then finally got home.

After a bit of relaxing I made a bagel thin with some peanut butter, and then played some Fallout.

It was dinner time. I made some cajun alfredo with chicken. I used jarred sauce and pre-breaded chicken breasts from Jewel, and doctored it up.

Tony ran and got us beer before dinner, and got a free pie, so we ate and drank while we played. Back to work tomorrow. 1 Saturday and 5 Sundays left!




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