Work, work, work.

I’m glad the weekend is over! This week will be pretty intense itself, but nothing like that.

Yesterday wasn’t all that eventful. I woke up and made oatmeal, which exploded all over the microwave, as usual.

I grabbed a banana and granola bar and went to work. I got a lunch around 1:30, and went to Panera to get a chicken salad sandwich and fuji apple salad.

The line for coffee was too long, so I went back to work without my afternoon pick me up. I felt horrible all day and food didn’t even help refuel me.

I finally left around 6, and stopped at Chipotle for dinner. I got my usual, but added a bit of cheese and sour cream and ate it with chips. I had my last beer of the weekend with dinner, and boy did it make me feel better.

After we finished eating we relaxed for the rest of the night, also enjoying some cranberry walnut cookies. A great cap to the night.

This morning I woke up and just wanted to stay in bed all cozy forever. I ran laundry over to my mom’s to start, and then grabbed a bowl of cereal and an english muffin with peanut butter.

I did some research online for a new workout plan and finally found a free one that I am going to actually stick to. I will be following the Female Training Bible from I am enjoying it so far, except it is weird to do only 20 minutes of cardio. On the day of only cardio I will be doing more, and probably on upper body days as well. Today I ran on the treadmill in intervals for 20:20 and finished at 2.18 miles.

I rolled out my legs and took a shower. I was getting hungry, but figured I would just wait it out until lunch. After watching some Hulu, I made a ham and gouda quesadilla and had some skinny pop and pineapple with it. It has been forever since I had pineapple!

After playing some Fallout, I left for work, bringing a Kashi bar and banana with as usual.

We were busy, and I didn’t get out until WAY too late. I got home to fajitas all ready with beans and rice.

By the time we were finished with dinner, it was time for bed. We watched some tv, and went right to sleep! Back at it again tomorrow.


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