Even more work.

Here’s a quick check in before a crazy day at work and the holiday!

Today didn’t consist of much. Breakfast was banana egg pancakes with pumpkin and pecans.

I looked around online and then got ready to work out. I did day 2 of my new plan today, and then ran 21 minutes, ending at 2 miles.

I had an apple and PB2 yogurt after my shower, and played some Fallout.

I sat around until lunch, then making a wrap with apple flavored turkey, feta, and pear gorgonzola dressing. On the side I had pineapple and pop chips.

I grabbed a granola bar and headed out to work. We were so busy and I finally got to go home at 8. Tony was making dinner when I got home, so I showered and then got into some pajamas. I was so hungry I felt sick, so I snacked on some pineapple.

He made some marinated chicken breasts, bell peppers with mexican rice, and potatoes. Everything was delicious.

Tonight will be an early night to bed. I have to work at a different studio that is an hour away tomorrow morning, and then still go to my studio to work the evening. In return I get Friday off, so no complaints, but I still can’t wait for it to be over!


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