Long Thanksgiving Recap

It’s been awhile! With the holiday and work I haven’t had much time to blog at all. I’m going to try to keep this recap shorter than 6 days worth of regular posts, so here we go:

(Black Out) Wednesday:

I worked at the 2 different studios, as planned, in order to have  Friday off. I woke up, not quite ready for the day and made eggs for breakfast.

I headed off to the studio that is close to an hour away with my purse packed with snacks. I almost forgot I needed gas, so I ended up being a bit late.

After a crazy day there, I stopped at Panera for lunch and then headed to my studio for work.

My studio was much busier, but I made it through. I left, heading to my parents’ house to see my brother and niece who got into town in the morning.

After visiting a bit, we left to go meet friends for dinner and drinks for “Black Out Wednesday”. After devouring a buffalo chicken wrap and having beers, we headed to another bar to hang out with a bunch of friends who we ran into there. We got home late, and we were both so tired.


I was too busy eating all day, and forgot to take pictures. After an english muffin with almond butter, coffee, and patica we got ready and went to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving #1. I stuffed myself before leaving to his mom’s house.

We sat and visited at our Thanksgiving #2. I had some sides, and large amounts of desserts before relaxing and then heading back to my parents’ house for some more visiting while my brother was still in town.

After taking a nap on their recliner, we hung out some more, ate some leftovers, and had a couple of beers. We ended out night at home, cuddling with cats and watching a movie.

Black Friday:

We woke up early to go shopping. This was my first time going out on Black Friday, and it really wasn’t busy at all. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and some breakfast, and were on our way.

After doing just a bit of shopping for things we actually needed, we went home. I ran a quick 2 miles on the treadmill in intervals and showered and got ready.

We went to my grandma’s house to see her while my brother was still here. Afterwards we were all hungry so we went out for lunch at my favorite pizza place!

We played lots of video games (our set up was pretty great).

After a while we headed off to hang out at my brother’s friend’s house with him. We played drinking games, hung out with super cool dogs, and ate delicious chinese takeout.

We got home way too late and I passed out immediately.

Saturday, Thanksgiving #3:

I woke up early to get to work for my opening shift in order to leave early enough to get to Thanksgiving #3 at Tony’s dad’s house. I inhaled some french toast and headed out to work with some snacks.

After my 7 hour shift, I changed and ran out the door to jump in the car with Tony and head straight to his dad’s. We had tons of appetizers and I still packed up my plate at dinner. Everything was delicious. We played a fun card game and drank and had fun with his family.

I had work the next day, so we headed out early enough for me to not get to bed too late.


I woke up and relaxed before work, eating some eggs.

I worked and worked and worked. On my break I had a ham sandwich and some popcorn. Later I snacked on an apple.

I got home, and changed into running clothes immediately. I pulled out the treadmill and did a quick 2.25 miles. I need to be able to sneak small runs in at least while this season is going on.

I ran to the store for some minute rice, because we didn’t want to wake forever for regular rice to cook. It was already 8 by this time and we were starving. For dinner we used leftover chicken and made quesadillas.

After a piece of pecan pie, we watched a movie and headed to sleep.


I woke up and got into some warm running clothes right away. I pulled on my new windbreaker jacket, earmuffs, and gloves and headed straight off for a run! I ended up doing 3.13 miles in 36:47 minutes. Not great, but my body hasn’t ran outside in too long and I am okay with it.

I got home and made a breakfast burrito with eggs, ham, chihuahua cheese, and salsa. I sat and relaxed for a bit while finishing my coffee and then finally got up to do my workouts which I neglected over this long weekend.

I jumped in the shower and then finally sat down to play Fallout. I had an apple for a snack, and soon after made lunch. I had a caesar salad with leftover chicken.

I headed to work. We ended up too busy for me to remember my granola bar so I ended up eating a banana and not needing anything else.

I got home and Tony had sweet potato fries in the oven, and then started the burgers. Yum!IMG_9262

We did an ab video after dinner. Time for some X Files, then sleep. Maybe I’ll end up having dessert, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be up!




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