December 1st calls for new goals!

To start out today, here are my goals for this month:

December Goals:

  • Run 18-20 miles a week
  • Stick to Women’s Workout Bible Workout
  • Yoga Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday
  • Limit to 2 days MINIMAL drinking a week

This morning I woke up too cozy to just jump right out of bed. This led to me becoming very hungry, so I made a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal.

After my coffee, and editing the rest of the Halloween shoot I took 2 weeks ago, I got up and started Day 2 of my new workout. I will stay on track this week!

The sun was out so I knew this was a great opportunity to get a run in. I walked a lot, as usual, with lots of hills. My phone died part way through, but I am pretty sure I ended at 3.5 miles in 39 minutes.

When I got home I made a bagel thin with peanut butter, then showered. It was finally time to relax! After some good Fallout time I made some lunch. I wanted to sort of mock a BLT, so I cooked some ham, put light miracle whip and sriracha on toast, and added some lettuce. It was pretty good. On the side I had Skinny Pop.

I lounged around for a while, because I found out I didn’t work until 5. It finally came time to go, so I grabbed an apple and a granola bar and left.

Work was slow, and I got out earlier than I planned. I stopped to grab some things from the store, and then left for home. Tony had potatoes baking and soon we threw some venison steaks that I marinated in teriyaki sauce on the NuWave. They came out perfect!

I hadn’t had venison in forever, and Tony’s dad gave us 3 packs of steaks he had frozen when we saw him at Thanksgiving.

After dinner we had some sweet potato pie that Tony made for dessert. It barely had anything bad in it, but I still ate too much today. Nothing too bad though!

Now time to watch X Files and play some Fallout. Until tomorrow!


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