Keeping on track.

Not much to say about Wednesday.

I woke up and made some pumpkin pancakes with Kodiak mix. It has been a while.

I finished off my coffee enjoying the beautiful fresh snow.

I then got ready to do a cardio workout so I could take a day off of running. I expected to work all day today so I had planned today to be my break, but I got something in anyways! I did a video on YouTube from Fitness Blender’s channel. It kicked my BUTT. I was sweating just as much as when I run the treadmill!

I relaxed for a few minutes and then did some yoga. I probably should have done MORE but I still got it done to stick to my goal for this month! I showered and then made some PB2 yogurt and had some Kashi cereal and an apple.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of watching Master of None on Netflix and playing Fallout 4. I am in love with the show and they need to make a second season!

I did some dishes, then made some lunch. I had a turkey wrap with chihuahua cheese and valentina and some sour cream and cheddar pop chips.

It came time for work. I grabbed my banana and granola bar and dragged myself out of my cozy, comfy house. It was our Santa event, so it was really busy, but only for a couple of hours.

I got out much earlier than I thought I would, stopped to grab gas, and finally got home. Tony had sweet potatoes in the oven and we had leftover burgers from Monday. We managed to do an ab video for the second night in a row, and then called it a night without dessert!


My morning didn’t go as easy. I was extra groggy and didn’t want to get out of bed. At least my headache from the night before was gone. I made myself a bowl of chocolate almond Special K and had a half an english muffin with Better’n Peanut Butter on it.

I finished off my coffee and started to get ready for a run. It was way colder than I expected but I was warm once I got going. I did 3.24 miles in 35 minutes. I thought I was avoiding hills some going a different route but I ran into probably just as much.

I got home, and after a short breather began my Women’s Workout Bible workout. After finishing up, I showered and made a bowl of oatmeal with blackberries and cinnamon.

I played Fallout for a bit but still felt hungry so I had an apple. I got frustrated with the game so I watched some Hulu for the remainder of my time.

I grabbed a ham sandwich and a bag of popcorn for the road and left for work. We were very slow and had more cancellations so I ended up workout alone for a lot of it. I got out fast and got home as quickly as I could for some spaghetti and (giant) meatballs!

Now time for some Fallout and relaxing. And maybe pie… even though I shouldn’t.





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