Pizza weekend.

Another successful weekend.


I woke up, got ready, and headed off to work after having some pancakes.

I only stayed at work until 12:30, and got sent home early. When I got home, Tony kept working on the house and I left for a quick run. I ended up doing 3.1 miles in 34 minutes.

I got home, cleaned up, and we went out to lunch and went shopping. We went to Chili’s, and I got a steak with a salad. It was good, but I am really not a fan of Chili’s.

We got home and finished cleaning and fixing up the living room. I am so happy with how it all turned out, especially the new shelves!

Later, our friend came over and after some drinking and games we ordered from our FAVORITE asian food joint. I got my usual Dan Dan noodles, struggling to eat them since they are just so spicy.


We started our morning with some breakfast at the best diner ever. I got cinnamon raisin french toast.

After breakfast we did some shopping. Major purchase: New running shoes and a new Christmas tree!

We relaxed for a while, and got some things ready to set up the house for the holidays. We grabbed some mexican food for lunch from the place in our neighborhood, then got home and made some hot chocolate (mine had goldschlager in it), and started decorating! After our house was all decked out, we watched some Christmas movies on Netflix until our friends came over.

We made pizza from scratch and drank lots of beer and played lots of games and had lots of fun!


I took no pictures at all. I worked all day, came home, had leftover spaghetti, leftover pizza, drank beer, ate ice cream, and slept.


I had the day off. I started out with some chocolate almond cereal and a slice of toast with almond butter.

I ran laundry to start at my parents’ house and then browsed online, mostly looking for our Christmas card and decorating ideas. I felt way to lazy so I got up and did my workout for the day.

Tony got off of work, and after switching laundry, doing dishes, and snacking, I started to clean and organize cabinets. I got 2 major ones finished before he got home. We got ready for a run, then left to do our errands and then to the path for a very muddy trail run.

We stopped at home to eat and shower, munched on some leftover pizza, and then set off for tons more running around and getting things to decorate.

We finally got home, took pictures for our Christmas cards, and then decorated the house! It finally felt like Christmas.

I folded some clothes and then started dinner. We had pulled chicken, baked beans, and Lean Cuisine mac & cheese.

After some ice cream, we relaxed and continued watching Bad Santa. I’m getting into the season, but it won’t be actually enjoyable until actual Christmas rolls around.



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