Sick day, good day.


I woke up with a fever, completely congested and had swollen glands and a sore throat. I slept on and off watching TV all day until work. Complained through work, and then got home and had 2 grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. I like to think that’s what helped me regain my strength.


I feel so much better. My glands are still a bit swollen, but my sore throat is gone (fastest sore throat ever) and I don’t have a fever!

After waking up I was VERY hungry. I made 2 eggs and 1 egg white with toast and jelly. After eating I finished my coffee buying online gifts and browsing online.

I finished up and started my workout for the day. It’s going to be tough meeting my goals for running this week, skipping yesterday, but I can still finish all of my Female Workout Bible workouts if I do one every day remaining. The one goal I haven’t been sticking to is my yoga, but if I had to drop any part of my goals, yoga would be first to go anyhow. Also, the drinking twice a week and minimally is definitely a work in progress. I like beer too much…

I put away my weights and headed out for my run. It was a beautiful day, and I probably could have worn a short sleeved shirt! It was the best run I’ve had in a while. I did 4.2 miles in 44 minutes. I did over 2 miles straight and only started walking once I got halfway up the big hill that ALWAYS gets me.

I got home, did some dishes, and showered. I made a quesadilla for lunch with turkey and had popcorn with valentina on the side.

I relax for a while, and then started getting dinner ready. Before long I was leaving for work with my granola bar and banana.

I got through work, and put my 2 weeks notice in. I was so torn, but decided to go for it. I start my new job at the library next Wednesday!

When I got home dinner was ready. I made Tuscan Chicken Stew. I used chicken breast instead of thighs and didn’t use the white wine, fennel, or celery. It was very brothy, and more like a soup, but still tasty!

After dinner we did an ab workout. I found out the girl we like from XHIT’s channel has her own channel. All the videos are at least 10 minutes, and VERY hard, but I like it more!

We grabbed some ice cream, and started yet another Christmas movie! Now that I know I’ll be done at work by the 23rd, I am getting more into the Christmas spirit.


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