Way too long 5 day recap.


Pretty general work day. I woke up, made some pancakes, and had my coffee.

After relaxing I got up and finally did my Women’s Workout Bible workout.

Promptly after I set off to run. After my impressive run on Wednesday, I took it easy and did a lot of walking, finishing 3.5 miles with a 12:46 pace.

I got home, and showered and relaxed for a bit more. I got my lunch together, making a turkey sandwich with sriracha, and adding some pop chips and pineapple!

I left for work with my cup of Eggnogg’n tea and a granola bar.

I got through work, and after a very long (and very irritating) last appointment, left running out the doors. I called Tony, and as he drove to buy beer, I stopped at Chipotle. This was necessary to start my weekend.

After eating and drinking and relaxing, we called it a night.


I started my day out by decided I wasn’t going to work out. Today was my project day. Tony has been improving all of the rooms in our house, and I’ve taken on the project of our bedroom.

I started out with a bowl of chocolate peanut butter oatmeal.

I then began my shopping excursion by searching for a new bed set, then moving on to curtains and paint. I also had grocery shopping to get done. I finally got home and started moving the room around and cleaning things we didn’t need. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with sweet potato chips and an apple for lunch, and got back to work.
I had the room partially taped (I’m vertically challenged) before Tony got home and he helped me finish up. We got the first coat on the accent wall before calling it a day and having a beer and relaxing until it was time for my friend’s birthday party!

We started off at a restaurant/bar and had some dinner and drinks. I had a delicious gyro, with some not so delicious sweet potato fries.

We left and set off to a louder bar. We played darts, and drank, and took pictures, and drank, and had so much fun.

We got home at 2, and almost immediately crashed.


Hangover. Relaxed, slept, headache, Pizza Hut.

Later I was finally feeling better, we worked on the room and finished the paint, then dissembled our bed and got the room ready for a new bed set we were buying from his mom. We went to Walmart to grab a few things, and got Popeye’s for dinner on the way home.

We set off on our late adventure of getting the bed set from his sister’s house. We started at 10:20, and didn’t get finished until around 1, but it was worth it, and our room is finally complete!


Sunday morning I felt so much better, but didn’t want to get out of bed. It is just so comfy and much bigger than our old full size mattress. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and some toast and had my coffee while going online.

After putting it off for far too long, I completed the Women’s Workout Bible workout that I ignored Friday and Saturday, and then went on a run. I ran, on December 13, in a t-shirt, still sweating like crazy! I did 3.21 miles in 33:24 minutes.

After my shower my parents stopped by to see how the house work was going. They left and I packed up my secret santa present and microwaved the last slice of leftover pizza for a quick lunch.

It was time for work. This is my second to last Sunday, and I was blessed with a late start, and afterwards we are going out for our holday party/Secret Santa gift exchange. I headed out the door, hoping the 5 hours went quick.

We all got out of there as quickly as we could and headed over to the bar. We ordered tons of appetizers, had lots of drinks, and played apples to apples and never have I ever before we even ordered food. I snacked on a few nachos and some calamari, and got a chipotle chicken sandwich with tater tots. I love all of these girls, and will miss working with them too much. My manager was the one who picked me in secret santa, and I got a cute new sweater, and a frozen pizza.

I got home and went right to bed.


I didn’t sleep well last night, waking up constantly, and just feeling like I didn’t need to go back to sleep. I finally got out of bed a little after 9, and ran to start some laundry.

When I got back, I started 2 eggs and some toast. I drank my coffee and browsed online, per usual. I slacked for too long and then finally got up to do my workouts.

Afterwards, I headed out to return some cat sweaters, and do a bit of shopping. When I got home, I hoped the rain would hold off for long enough for a run. After about 2 miles I started getting twisting stomach pains, and walked a majority of the rest, ending with 3.17 miles in 38 minutes.

I got home, showered, and made a chipotle chicken sandwich with swiss and hot pop chips. I had lots of things I wanted to get done, so I didn’t waste anytime. I vacuum stored some blankets and my wedding dress, and finally got some things out of the room that we weren’t keeping.

Tony got home while I was folding the laundry, and started working on the bathroom. We finished the bedroom together, and then had dinner. I made turkey burgers with a ranch seasoning mix and Alexia fries.

After dinner we did an ab workout, and I had a piece of brownie leftover from our Pizza Hut on Saturday.

Last week was a bad one for my December goals. I only ended up with 10 miles, since I had so much to do Friday, and was too hungover to do our 7 mile trail run on Saturday. I skipped one workout, which I made up Sunday. I plan on running everyday of this week to get at least 25 miles in to make up for it. The drinking was NOT minimal, and I still haven’t been doing yoga, which I think may not be part of my goals anymore as it is. All I can do is move forward!




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