“Snickerdoodle” Waffle kind of morning.

This morning was the same as the usual. I made some waffles with cinnamon sugar and had my coffee while doing my online routine.

After I finished my coffee I got ready for my workout. Halfway done with week 3 of the Women’s Workout Bible, and then the workouts get switched up!

I felt drained afterwards, but still had to fit a run in. I got ready and set off, finished with 4 miles in 43:37 minutes. Not bad, but it doesn’t feel like it is getting any easier.

When I got back I immediately had some yogurt with PB2 and an apple. Then I got my dishes done and showered. Before work I decided to play some Fallout.

I was getting hungry, so I made a sandwich with the small amount of ham left, some chipotle chicken and swiss sandwich and had some popcorn on the side.

It was already time for work, so I grabbed a granola bar and left.  It went by slow at first, then fast at the end, and I left quickly to get home for dinner. I had everything planned out for Tony to make. We had italian dressing seasoned tilapia with quinoa, potatoes, and onions.

It was 9:30 by the time we finished dinner, so I promptly grabbed some ice cream and now we’re watching The Ridiculous 6 on Netflix. Tomorrow is my first day at the library, wish me luck!


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