A Very Merry Recap

It has been a long long time since I have gotten this much time off for the holidays!

Christmas Eve Eve/Work Party

I woke up Wednesday, and anxiously got ready for work. I had so much to do! After breakfast, I headed off.

It went by quickly, and before long I was out. I got ready for a quick run. I ended up with 3 miles in 29:25 minutes. It was a GREAT run, and the last for a very long time.

I grabbed a piece of toast with almond butter and a banana, but ended up throwing it away because Tony got out early and it was time to head to the brewery for his work holiday party.

I got there, we drank and had wings, and had a great time. Much later we went to yet another bar and had a full dinner. I had a chipotle chicken wrap with sweet potato fries. We got home and got to bed at a pretty reasonable time.

Christmas Eve

I started the day by making Eggnog Waffles. They turned out great!

First on the list was lots and lots of baking. After making cookie dough that had to set, we went to see my grandma and uncle. When we got home, we finished all of our baking and then got ready to go to my parents’ house.

We ate croissant sandwiches with lots of yummy sides, which is a tradition for my family.

After drinking and playing Wii bowling for a while, we went home and relaxed and finally went to bed.


We woke up around 5, and just couldn’t get back to sleep. We took our annual Christmas tree picture, and then opened gifts. We did smaller gifts this year, because he got his watch and I got my iPad. I got a new book, compression sleeves, and a new game!

Afterwards we went out to breakfast with my parents’ which was a fairly new tradition of I think 3 or 4 years now. I got a corned beef hash skillet.

It was time to clean and cook and get ready for family to come over! After a long night we headed to my parents’ house and played more Wii and waited for my brother to get into town. Once he did we exchanged gifts with him and my niece.

It was a long day, and we called it night, but not before playing my new game!

Saturday/Star Wars Christmas Party

We woke up Saturday, and once again had lots to do. I had eggs and toast, and then started getting things ready for our friend Christmas party. We ran to the store for some last minute things, and people started showing up right at 1. Very FEW people, but we knew others would be there late. We started streaming Star Wars at 1:30 and finished through half of the new trilogy.

We drank a ton, ate a ton, and had a lot of fun.

The Day After

I actually wasn’t hungover! I did however eat a burrito for breakfast.

We had a very relaxed day, playing games and watching TV.

Later, we went to have dinner at my parents’ house. Ribs!

After going home, we watched a couple of movies, ate some pie, and eventually some pizza and then went to bed. Pretty uneventful recovery day, but just what we needed!


I was REALLY feeling the Mondays after all the holiday fun and with Tony not having work. I had to go to my parents’ to shower because our hot water wasn’t working, and then I had 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter, and a cup of coffee, and promptly went to work.

It went by unbelievably fast, and then I came home and jumped right on the treadmill! I ended with 2.5 miles in 25 minutes, then cleaned up a bit before Tony got home and we went to eat at my parents’ house again. So many leftovers, and no time to shop with the nasty ice/slush storm!

We hung out for a bit, since my brother would be leaving on Wednesday, and then went right home.

After playing some games, we ordered chinese and ended our night watching movies. The holidays aren’t over yet!


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