Partial week recap.

Can’t believe my work week is already over! I can definitely get used to this.


Sunday was a lazy day. I decided to take it off from running, so we ended up doing some shopping around.

We stopped out for lunch, and I got a chipotle chicken wrap, and barely nibbled on a couple of Tony’s fries!

Once we got home, Tony had to do a run so I jumped on the treadmill to do some walking just to assure I wouldn’t be too sedentary all day.

Our friend came over to play some games, and later I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner!


It was a true Monday. I woke up and just did NOT want to get out of bed. I had a bowl of oatmeal and quickly got ready and headed off to work with a Cheez It mix 100 calorie pack.

Work went by very quickly, and I got home and changed to start my run. I am somewhat starting a half marathon training plan, but running a bit more than the first weeks say to, and will start the actual plan in February. I only finished with 2.82 mi this day, because for some reason my phone keeps dying when above 70% while I’m on my runs.

I showered when I got home, and forgot to do any strength exercises. After having a turkey wrap for lunch, I got ready and went shopping with a friend. I ended up scoring a new winter coat and a pair of running sweats for only $50 with my rewards, coupons, and discount and JCPenney’s.

After grocery shopping, I got home and did a thigh and lower ab workout video. After all the house work I relaxed for a bit and then made a sriracha shrimp stir fry for myself for dinner, since Tony wouldn’t be home until late because of class.

I relaxed and played some video games until he got home, and then had some ice cream and played more games together!


I got out of bed a bit easier today. I think the sun had a lot to do with that! I grabbed some coffee and made a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast with almond butter.

I ran off to work, forgetting a snack. Luckily one of the clerks gave me a granola bar!

When I got home, I promptly got ready for my run. With all of my layers I actually wasn’t that cold, despite the “real feel” being in the negatives. After my phone died, once again, I was startled to see a pitbull running at me, and then really just wanted to go home, so I finished with 3.2 miles in 35 minutes, which is the exact amount I wanted to make up for Monday’s lack.

I got home and restored my phone while eating a ham sandwich with cheese and baked Ruffles. Once I finished lunch, I turned another workout video. Today it was back and arm day!

I didn’t feel like moving for a long time afterwards… so I didn’t. I finally got up and showered, then waited for Tony to get home.

I was starving by the time he got home, but didn’t want to eat dinner too early, so I had an apple. After some gaming, I made sloppy joes with sweet potatoes for dinner.

We actually did an ab video, and then had some ice cream and finished our night with more games!


My morning was pleasant. I had 2 pieces of french toast with blueberries and pure maple syrup for breakfast.

I got ready for work, which actually required make up and nicer clothes, because I would be interviewing for the position I originally wanted when I applied at the library. It became available after I was hired, so she encouraged me to still put my application in and interview for it!

I finished my coffee and headed out with my salad and granola bar in hand. My day went by quickly because I was being shown a new section, and  then I waiting until my interview started. I believe it went well, but it will be awhile before I find out, because I’m the first one they’ve interviewed for the position.

I toyed around with the idea of not running this day quite a bit while working, because I wouldn’t be home as early as usual, and we were going out with Tony’s work friends, so I didn’t want time to be too crunched. Once I got home I got dressed and quickly went out for a quick 2 miles run with a 9:45 minute pace. I was dying by the end, and wanted to walk, but got through!

I got home and did the dishes before showering. I was finishing getting ready when Tony called to let me know he was on his way home from work, so I had some time to relax!

We went out to one of our favorite restraunt/bars. Every Wednesday they have half price pizza and $3 any drink. It’s safe to say I snacked on too many chips and queso, parmesan truffle fries, and had too much pizza and beer.

We got home and played some video games until it was time for bed.


After a weird “weekend” feeling break in the middle of the week, it felt nice to wake up to a normal day. I got out of bed and grabbed a bowl of Kashi cinnamon cereal and an english muffin with peanut butter.

I relaxed for a long time afterwards, browsing online, putting off my run since the beer last night didn’t exactly make me want to do any exercising. I finally got off my butt and started a video to work out my legs.

Once I finished, I left for a run. I walked a lot, and wasn’t feeling it at all. I’m glad I at least got out there and did 3.34 mi in a long 39 minutes.

I got home, showered, and ran to the store so I could actually eat lunch. I got home and made a wrap with turkey and sriracha and had baked bbq chips on the side. I left, forgetting my apple.

Work dragged on for some reason. I finally got home and inhaled an apple, then sat and relaxed a little, craving every food on the planet, and wanting to go out since it was my Friday.

I threw some Alexia fries in the oven, and heated up the leftover sloppy joes. Finally dinner time.

After dinner we had some ice cream, and watched tv to finish off! Weigh in tomorrow, hopefully I’m not disappointed.




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