Yet another long recap!

I had all intentions of writing and blogging before this weekend was over, but things didn’t work out that way, so here is yet another long recap post!


Wednesday started with me waking up, eating breakfast, and getting ready for an annual doctor’s appointment. After getting that all over it, I was feeling… well… blah. That’s the only way I can explain it. I didn’t feel like running, let alone moving, so I sat around and watched TV until I had to go to work.

My day at work wasn’t any better, so I got through it as quickly as I could. 4 hours never seemed longer.

Finally at 5, I drove home, not anticipating laying down and watching a movie, but running. Yep, life doesn’t stop because I feel crappy. Tony only had a short run scheduled for the night, so we went together, finishing 3.28 miles in 36 minutes.

We got home and I made shrimp scampi with zoodles for me, and spaghetti noodles for him. (I also had a few noodles in mine.)

After dinner I was starving and hadn’t eaten nearly enough for the day, so I had a PB&J and then later some grapes.


My day started much better. I made banana/egg pancakes using 1 small banana, 1 egg, 1 egg white, oatmeal, baking powder, pecans, and cinnamon with a little truvia. I topped them off with some pure maple syrup and dug in.

I relaxed a bit and then decided to jump up and get my run in. I did almost the same route as Wednesday, but cut it a bit short, and then ran around the block some to make up for it. I finished 3.19 mi in just over 34 minutes. A lot more walking, but a faster pace overall.

I got home and showered, then had shopping and dishes to do. Once I got ready for work, I ate a quick lunch and headed out, granola bar in hand (or purse I should say).

After work it felt GREAT to get home and not have to run. After just a bit of video games, I got up and started dinner. I made chili, for the first time NOT in a crock pot! I used this recipe, and added a cup of jalapenos as well! I ended up getting 8 servings out of it, which is great since Tony will be eating 2.

After dinner I promptly ate ice cream, then later wasn’t feeling good and had grapes. Fantastic idea the night before weigh in! We had some tea and then finished some Black Mirror and went to bed.


My morning started with exploding oatmeal, which led to me burning myself. After enjoying what was left, I went to work.

I didn’t bring a snack, and then my supervisor found me to let me know there were chips and cookies in the back… so I ate a cookie.

I was supposed to do a long run Friday, but the weather wasn’t ideal, and Saturday’s forecast showed it would be much nicer, so I decided to swap out my cross training day. I made an egg with turkey and put it in a wrap, and had that with some popcorn and an apple, then after sitting around forever, FINALLY got up and did 50 minutes of walking on the treadmill.

I sat around a bit more, and then finally got in the shower, since Tony was on his way home. He got home just as I finished blow drying my hair, and we talked about what we were going to do while I ate almond butter and greek yogurt… then more almond butter on a spoon.

It wasn’t long after that people started showing up to play some games. We played games, watched videos, and drank beer. Later instead of eating the chili I had leftover, Tony insisted on ordering a pizza (and I put up such a fight)!


I woke up, not nearly as groggy as I had expected to from being up past midnight the night before. It was nice and sunny outside, so I got up and got ready for work with no problem, eating a bowl of Kashi Raisin Bran and a piece of toast with grape spread.

I headed to work, and during my shift a friend that I rarely get to hang out with asked me if I wanted to get lunch. I told him when I got off and he met myself and Tony there and we headed to a restaurant across the street that I hadn’t been to yet. I got a beer and a delicious “BLTAC”. Bacon lettuce tomato avocado cucumber. It was really tasty, and their steak fries were so unique!

Having a beer and being tired from work and a lack of sleep led to an unwanted nap. After the nap we still had to do our run. I did partial trail running and partial paved path, and walked A LOT. It was a tough unwanted run, but I ended up doing 4.9 miles in just under an hour.

We got home, showered, got ready, and had some leftover chili before going to his mom’s to catch up and have some beers. On our way we picked up some Snickers, and ended up munching on pizza they had there.

We left and when we got home a friend came over to play games and help Tony stay up extra late. He is starting midnight shifts once again and needs to shift his sleep schedule entirely.

I got too drunk and too hungry for the worst food I can possibly eat. I ended up devouring chicken tenders and garlic fries before relaxing some more and then heading to bed.


I woke up today, regretting my laziness and splurging lately, so decided today is the day to start over and get serious. I definitely don’t think I’ll be dieting as strongly as I did with Weight Watchers last year, because getting so hungry that I get headaches and end up eating everything in my sight because I feel deprived. I am going to eat healthy, and clean foods, and continue running and strength training regularly. Instead of going all out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I will choose a meal I want to “splurge” on, and do my best to make the others as close to regular as I can.

I cooked myself 2 eggs, and an english muffin with grape spread and then relaxed until Tony woke up. We watched some TV and not long after, made a ham and cheese wrap and then had to leave for work. I had a granola bar on my break, and then finally got to go home. I was ready for my 2 days off!

I went straight to my mom’s house for dinner. She made turkey cabbage rolls and stuffed peppers. It was really good! We went grocery shopping, and when we got home I immediately did a quick cardio workout on YouTube. After my shower we sat and watched some TV.

I still needed 3,000 steps to meet my goal for the day, so I brought out the treadmill and walked 1.5 miles in 25 minutes. Afterwards I grabbed 2 Oreo Thins and a cup of Chobani Simply 100, lemon raspberry greek yogurt.

We have started watching X Files from the beginning again, to actually pay attention, since the new show came out tonight. I am excited to finish the whole old series and see the new one!

Until next time!


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