Sore days

Finally some time off after 6 days straight!


I woke up and made a bowl of Kashi shredded wheat and grabbed a banana and my coffee, eating with Tony before he went to sleep. I am not looking forward to these midnights.

After sitting and filling in my brand new training journal to be caught up to this year so far, I finished my coffee and got ready to head out for my run. I had a great start, but my calves were so sore and kept hurting too badly to keep going, especially on hills. Not to mention my legs were hurting from my workout yesterday in general. I finished 3.58 miles with a 10:46 avg pace, which I am very happy with, since I did a lot of walking.

I got home and promptly made a snack. I had a vanilla Simply 100 yogurt, and added almonds and blueberries. Once I finished that, I did a 10 minute yoga routine and then foam rolled for a bit, then took a shower and a nice long bath. Hopefully that was enough TLC for my poor legs.

Tony woke up not long after I finished my bath, and I made myself a caesar salad for lunch. It was so good!

We lounged around and watched X Files, and I fell asleep and had one of the best naps I’ve ever had. When I woke up we played some video games and then he got ready to leave for school. While he did that, I applied for school and filled out my FAFSA. I don’t have high hopes, I’ve never been eligible for aid, which is why I never went to school.

I went on a quick grocery shopping trip, and then came home and ate the last of the leftover chili while playing Fallout. Tony got home from school shortly after, and had his dinner after we did abs and I got some ice cream. I kept playing my game and had some grapes.

It was getting a bit later, so we both went to bed. He napped for an hour, and I never even fell asleep. He then got up to go to work, and I finally dozed off.


I woke up this morning on my own around 7:30. I lounged in bed on my phone for a bit, then got up and grabbed some coffee and made myself some french toast with turkey sausage.

My legs were still killing me, which is weird because I don’t feel like I’ve done anything that out of the ordinary lately. I have finally settled on a half marathon training schedule, and had to kind of mesh a couple that I’ve found together to suit my level. I originally had one all made, but then decided to look for a trail running specific one, since my race is a trail race.

I decided to start testing in out a bit to get used to it, since the 12 weeks will start on February 21. Since I wasn’t aware of this yesterday, I switched the days and today had hill repeats! This was my first time doing them. I warmed up for about 15 minutes, and got to the hill I had chosen (an easier one, but hey, I’m just starting). I did 6x30sec repeats, walked a bit, then ran the remaining half mile or so home. My total mileage was 2.5 miles and I stayed at a 10:32 avg pace.

I jumped in the shower, and started some things for dinner when I got out. Right after, I made a chicken salad wrap with apples, pecans, chicken, greek yogurt, and miracle whip.

After lunch I lounged a bunch, trying log the recipe for dinner into myfitnesspal, and the website failing a million times. After lots of lazy time, I did some housework, and then finally made a snack. I had an english muffin with Better’n Peanut Butter and Simply Fruit strawberry spread.

Tony woke up, and headed out for his run. I played lots of Fallout, and when he got home, I started dinner. I used Organize Yourself Skinny’s recipe, but with more shredded chicken (I used an entire lb instead of 1.5 cups). While it was in the oven, I walked around 1.5 miles to make up steps since I haven’t worked in 2 days!

Once I finished walking, it was time to eat, and my god was it delicious.

Now we are watching X Files, and putting off folding clothes, and soon it will be frozen yogurt time! 2 great days off, and back to work tomorrow!





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