Feeling good again.


Back to work. I woke up and made myself a bowl of oatmeal with 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, and 1 tbsp of PB2. After it was cooked I added another tbsp of PB2 and a banana. Yummy and filling!

I left for work with a granola bar, and pushed through as quickly as I could. When I got home, I headed out for a run while Tony was still asleep. I got my 4 miles in, taking almost 45 minutes. I have had some rough runs lately!

When I got home I was craving soup for lunch, so I decided to hit up the store for a few things we needed, and some low-fat Panera chicken tortilla soup. When I got home I ate it up, and then showered.

After some lounging, I felt like it was time for a snack, so I had an apple with PB2 yogurt. My favorite. Not much else happened, and we had leftover Buffalo Mac & Cheese for dinner.

We did an ab video after a while, then I grabbed an ice cream bar, and later snacked on some fruit.


I worked the afternoon shift, so I woke up and had a very lazy morning, starting with an omelette with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, mushrooms, mini peppers, spinach, and a Laughing Cow creamy swiss cheese wedge. I topped it off with sriracha and had a piece of toast with grape spread on the side.

I did a couple of rounds of arm workouts (and boy am I sore now), then got ready to go to work. There was a birthday party going on, so I brought some pinwheel wraps and ate 3 different types and a bunch of grapes for lunch while I was there. There was a delicious variety cake, and tons of cupcakes. I had ONE cupcake, although I wanted more.

When I got home I knew I had to do some sort of workout to get my steps, and since it was my day off running I did 30 minutes walking on the treadmill, ending at 1.69 mi.

Once I finished that I started dinner. I made a pizza with Boboli whole wheat crust. We had mushrooms, green peppers, onions, spinach, and mini peppers on it, with a perfect amount of sauce and cheese. I wanted to eat more pieces, but I stuck to what I planned.

I was feeling lazy after dinner, but had to get a bit more walking in. I did 30 more minutes, getting another 1.75 miles. I got off the treadmill, showered, and then grabbed a much deserved bowl of frozen yogurt. I didn’t grab ANY fruit, despite being very hungry before bed.


Back to the weekend! My short work week was beautiful.

I woke up and felt great. I made blueberry greek yogurt pancakes for breakfast, sharing some with Tony when he got home (because I was feeling generous).

I waited around for my friend to get in touch with me because we had planned to run together, but by 11:30 or so, I got ready to head out alone. Right as I was about to leave, he messaged me and then headed over. Meanwhile, I had a Fiber One bar. We ran 5.1 miles in 52:29. It felt good, other than the few short spurts of stomach twists I got, presumably from too much fiber.

I got home and did a ton of foam rolling and stretching, and then eating a yogurt before getting in the shower/bath. Afterwards I made lunch because I was feeling very weak and tired from using all of that energy and then sitting in the hot bath. I made a wrap with a Laughing Cow cheese, lettuce, spinach, turkey, and sriracha and had some cucumber on the side.

I relaxed for too long, and had a lot of trouble getting up to get my errands done. It was 3:30 when I finally considered it, and I had to wake Tony up at 4, so I decided to wait, and put it off a little longer. It just felt so good to sit under a blanket and watch Criminal Minds!

We went to the store together and minimized everything into a small trip. Once we got home we went and hung out and drank some beers at my parents’ house for a while. We got home around 8:30 and started dinner. I made burgers out of lean beef, and made bacon and an egg to put on top of mine, as well as a slice of cheese. On the side we had Alexia Sweet Potato Tots.

We finished our night eating Weight Watcher’s Ice Cream Bars, a few Oreo Thins, and watching X Files. I finished my day with a calorie deficit still, although it was a small one. That’s great for a Friday!

While most of my runs have been less than impressive, my eating habits are definitely back to normal. I have had a deficit everyday this week so far sometimes a bit over and sometimes a bit under my planned deficit of 750 calories, which makes me feel great. We don’t have any huge plans this weekend that will guarantee a huge intake, so I’m thinking this will help kick start my habits again!


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