The Glorious Rest Day

The past couple of days have been draining to say the least. I’ve never been very good at rest days, I always feel too inactive and end up working my body (specifically my legs) too much.


I had a later shift on Tuesday, rather than my normal 9 am start, so I had a long time before work. Instead of running before hand, I made the mistake of being lazy. It was raining a lot, so I decided that either way it would be a treadmill run.

In the morning I had eggs with a bit of leftover sweet potatoes, turkey sausage, and a piece of toast with grape spread.

After sitting around and relaxing for a long time, I had to eat lunch and then head to work. I made a quick turkey sandwich with muenster cheese and had Crazy Hot Pop Chips and a clementine on the side. Promptly after I grabbed my granola bar and left for work.

The first half went by quickly, but the second half dragged on. It seems to get that way often, probably because I finish all the work I’m given too quickly and then just have to complete tedious random tasks until it is time to go. That’s what I get for being a great worker I guess!

I got home and didn’t waste much time eating half a banana and getting the treadmill out while Tony ran to the store to fill our water jugs. I started one of the preset “Intensity Workouts” on my treadmill, and added speed every interval since running 5.3 mph during rests was just too slow for me. I was sweating, and the pain I had in my inner thigh all day got worse, AND I had a headache from being hungry, so I ended up walking a couple of times for a minute or less. I still finished my 30 minute 3.1 mile run, and then showered as quickly as I could.

It didn’t take long for me to be ready for dinner, so I got the leftovers out. After dinner we relaxed and I ended up having frozen yogurt in a cake cone, then later a bowl of fruit.


Back to the morning shift! I woke up, had some delicious coffee, and made a bowl of oatmeal with protein powder, blueberries, and almonds. I got ready for work, and forgot a snack, so I ended up grabbing a Nutri-Grain bar from the vending machine.

When I got home from work I was already hungry, so I grabbed 3 multi-grain club crackers and added a bit of almond butter to them before my run. I got ready, and headed out before the rain hit. I did 4 miles on an older route of mine, and kept up a good pace and didn’t stop to walk once, despite the pain in my leg still being there.

When I got home I showered quickly, and then made lunch. I made an egg and egg white with spinach and green pepper, then spread a Laughing Cow on it with some sriracha, then had a light english muffin with grape spread on the side. This was a weird randomly thrown together lunch, but it has to be one of the best I’ve had in a while!

Once I finished lunch I sat around a bit until it was time to wake Tony up. His mom stopped by to grab some dishes she left over the holidays, and before going shopping, I had an apple with PB2 yogurt.

When I got home I put away groceries, then did the dishes and cleaned up. By then it was time to start making dinner. I made chicken tacos with a Frontera Skillet Sauce. I went with the “New Mexico” flavor, since the best tacos we ever had were in New Mexico! They were tasty, and on the side we had some beans and rice.

I didn’t hesitate to grab an ice cream cone with slow churned rocky road! Tony napped while I read, and then when he woke up I may or may not have had a couple of Oreo Thins…

I finished the night off with a cup of Sleepytime Vanilla tea, then headed to bed.


Happy Friday! I definitely miss the money of my old job, but I LOVE the hours of this one. I woke up excited for the day. It was my Friday, my rest day from running, and a beautiful sunny day!

I made 2 Eggo Nutri-Grain Low Fat waffles and topped them with Justin’s maple almond butter and some strawberries. I drank my coffee while reading up on some race fueling advice, just so I know ahead of time what I’ll be needing to do later this year!

After a long while of coffee and internet, I decided to get moving and do a yoga video for runners. Afterwards I did some house work and then made lunch. Yesterday, Tony’s mom brought us soup when she came to pick things up, so I had that with a half grilled cheese with egg. I might be eating a full version of that sandwich everyday for either breakfast or lunch over the next week. It was perfect. The soup was great too!

I left for work bringing a Nutty for ‘Nana Chobani Flip and a banana with me. I FINALLY got a library card, so I stayed after work for a bit to check out some books. I’ve never been able to have a library card because I live in a village which doesn’t pay the taxes for the city library, so I would have to pay yearly if I did. I felt like a 6 year old getting their first card!

When I got home I cleaned a few things up and then woke Tony up for the night. Soon after I was heating leftovers and cooking eggs so he could have a big breakfast.

After eating dinner I still only had 5,000 steps. I really don’t understand how to get to my goal and not feel like I burned half the calories I normally do on my rest days. I didn’t want to do any heavy cardio, so at work I made sure I walked every chance I got, going out of the way half the time just to get some extra steps in. I ended up pulling the treadmill out and walking for about an hour, reaching 3 miles and finally, my step goal. I rewarded myself with the ice cream and Oreo Thins!

Weigh in tomorrow. I’m really not taking my weight as seriously as I was last year. I mostly just want to feel and look (and feel like I look) healthier. I look at it as another way to see progress, and although I haven’t seen much in that area, I definitely see in my running, and my appearance. Now to keep going.



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