What a weekend.


Friday started with some PB2 chocolate chip pancakes made with Kodiak Cake Mix.

After I ate, I went out for my run. I drove out to my favorite trail and had a pretty tough 5.1 miles in about 53 minutes. I had shopping to do afterwards, so I brought a Larabar to eat. When I finally got home, I had a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich with sweet potato chips.

It was a very relaxed Friday after that. When Tony woke up we left for dinner at our favorite chinese place, and I got my delicious Dan Dan noodles and a beer.

The rest of the night we sat around and watched TV. I had an frozen yogurt cone and a couple of Oreo Thins. I had an early night, since I’d be getting up early for a trail run in the morning.


I woke up nice and early and got ready right away to meet Tony at the trails he runs at every weekend. I ate a piece of toast with almond butter, and then set out!

My inner thigh was STILL (and is still) hurting and I am not at all used to off road trail running. I need to get good at it, so I just took it easy and walked lots. I finished 3.2 miles in 37 minutes, including stopping to discuss how to get back to my car when I split off from Tony since he would be doing 15 miles total.

I got home, showered, and immediately took a nap. It felt great, and my cats cuddled almost the whole time.

When I woke up I ate 2 eggs, turkey sausage, and an english muffin with grape spread.

Tony hurt himself pretty badly while running, and didn’t get home until after noon, so he went to bed and I sat and read with my cats, waiting for friends to come over to cook dinner. After a while I had a PB&J Chobani Flip, and then people started showing up.

I started some Beer Mac & Cheese in the slow cooker, doing half cheddar and half gouda, and using whole grain noodles and greek yogurt. My friend started his ribs, and we all drank and hung out until I woke Tony up and soon after it was time to eat!

I ate and drank way too much, but we didn’t go out and spend a ton of money, which I love! At 4 or so, once everyone left, Tony wanted to go to breakfast, so we went and got coffee and donuts. I ate 4, and I am proud.



I slept a lot of the day, ate frozen waffles that I couldn’t quite keep down, then later had tuna with crackers and carrots.

We went to my mom’s for dinner and watched half of the Super Bowl. I was too full to even move.

When we got home I had a little bit of ice cream on a cone, and then relaxed until it was time to go to sleep. We noticed it getting colder and colder in the house, and then found out that our heat wasn’t working. I went to bed with an extra blanket, hoping it would be fixed by the time I got home from work the next day.


I woke up feeling much better than the day before. I finally pulled myself from my warm bed and into the cold house. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and banana, eating only half, then left for work after getting ready and grabbing an almond bar.

Work went by quickly and easily. I got home, very disappointed that the house was still freezing. I got dressed into my running clothes and left, planning on doing 2 miles outside and 2 miles on the treadmill when I got home. I ended up doing 4.1 miles outside because I was already there and figured, why not? It was a very slow run, taking over 44 minutes. My thigh still giving me problems, and the cold getting very very old.

When I got home I showered in the hottest water ever, and didn’t want to get out. I ate a turkey wrap with Laughing Cow, lettuce, spinach, and popcorn and carrots on the side for lunch. After that I needed to go shopping, and once I got home, had to wake Tony up for school.

I pointed a small space heater at me, and sat and relaxed for a long time, doing anything I could to not have to get up. I was getting hungry so I had an english muffin with almond butter and an apple. I made a cup of tea, and then laid down to read. I fell asleep before drinking the tea, and and woke up a bit before Tony let me know he was on his way home from school.

I got up and started dinner. I seasoned chicken breasts, cooked penne, and sauteed zucchini and mini peppers. Once everything was just about done I heated sauce and put cheese, spinach, and sauce on each breast.

We watched some X Files, and I had an ice cream cone.

Feels great, as always, to eat better again. This is the worst I’ve done on a weekend in a while. I still tracked, and I will just keep moving forward!



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