I officially have my first running injury. I’ve finally decided to call it that, although I believe the actual pain started at work, and got worse from using the muscle and also running on it regardless of the pain.

I’m still unsure of which muscle or part of me actually is damaged, and how. I want to call it a strain, but I have no swelling or tenderness. It just hurts when I step up, sit in certain chairs, run, walk, or use it to get up. I think I am finally going to take a longer break, although I have so much anxiety about doing so, it isn’t even funny.

Let’s pick up where we left of…


Break day number 2. I woke up, and actually felt kind of happy to not have to think about when I had to run. I made myself some french toast, and enjoyed every second of it.

I did my regular routine, then ended up walking for less than 10 minutes, lightly on the treadmill, just to get some activity in. It was a pretty uneventful day otherwise. I ate a grilled cheese and ham (with leftover gouda!) with Pop Chips, and then went to work with my Sweet and Salty Peanut Bar.

After work, I had an apple with PB2 yogurt, and walked for another half hour or so. I iced my leg as much as I could, and tried to stay off it. Once Tony was up, I heated up leftovers and we had dinner. Later I ended the night with a bowl of ice cream with Oreo Thins.


I woke up and made some greek yogurt oat pancakes with blueberries.

My leg felt okay, which is pretty normal until I use it the wrong way, so I planned for a run. I went through a bunch of different options, and ended up just going outside to get it all done. My leg ached a little, but nothing bad. I finished 5.1 miles in 53 minutes, walking here and there. I got home, and the pain hit me. I showered, had a Luna Bar, grabbed my craft supplies, and iced my leg while working on my cosplay prop for most of the rest of the day.

Once it was lunchtime, I made a turkey sandwich with cheese and sriracha.

I iced and relaxed and snacked on a banana with peanut butter.

I  got Tony up to get ready to go down to have dinner for his sister’s birthday. We went to a place we’ve been with his dad before, Burgers and Beer.We got a GIANT pretzel as an appetizer (it was like 12 inches diameter!) and I had a barbecue chicken sandwich with tater tots.

We got home, I had ice cream, and went to bed.


It was a somewhat long and eventful day, all without being very much.

I started by having a half an english muffin with peanut butter.

My friend Tony (wrong Tony, as we like to call him), picked me up and we went to the gym. I ran on the treadmill for 2.7 miles, changing the incline often and a lot to try and replicate a trail run. I was supposed to go with Tony (right Tony) to the trails, but not in -10 degree weather! My leg hurt the worst yet, and I had to walk, and stop running, which is why I did 2.7 miles instead of the 5.7 I wanted to achieve. I rode a bike for 2 miles until he was ready to leave. This is how i knew, I needed to stop. I needed to use my leg as little as possible, ice, and sometimes stretch, and hope that a longer break with help.

We hit up my favorite breakfast spot on the way home, as planned. I had 2 eggs, bacon, and a waffle, with fruit instead of hash browns. Perfect!

We stopped at my house for me to shower, and then went shopping for some things. I picked up a new card game to play with friends, and then went shopping for dinner.

We got home and chilled for a while. Eventually we wanted lunch, and ended up going to a Mexican restaurant with the BEST margaritas. I had a couple, and a steak and chicken tostada meal. The day wasn’t going too healthily…

We ended up falling asleep in the living room watching music videos while waiting for Tony to wake up. Eventually he did, and I started to make the deep dish pizzas I bought things for. We ate and drank and I had lots of ice cream.

(Wrong) Tony left, my cousin and boyfriend came over and we played games and drank some more. I didn’t get in bed until after 2, and even though I ate so much, I still felt okay about my day.


I’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s Day, but when I woke up, Tony had 2 donuts waiting for me. This is better than flowers.

I had my coffee, and after a bit he went to sleep, and I relaxed. As much as I wanted to run, I just couldn’t. I am trying to just enjoy the time off of having that responsibility almost everyday. I relaxed for a while, trying to ignore the urge, then finally got up to do some sort of working out.

I did some arm workouts, trying to go fast and get my heart rate up. Afterwards I did some “chair aerobics” that I found online, really keeping it easy on my leg.

I showered, and took a bath, hoping the heat might help now. Afterwards, I put Icy Hot on. I ate 2 eggs and toast, then  worked on my prop some more.

Once it was time, I woke Tony, and then once ready, we went to my parents’ house for dinner. She made ribs, chicken, mac & cheese, sweet potatoes, AND cornbread.

We got home and relaxed for an episode of Criminal Minds. We finally got up to go to Walmart to get a few things for our projects, and some champagne and cake for Valentine’s Day.

The remainder of our night was crafting! I got so much done, and only have some left!


Since today is President’s Day, the library is closed, so I told my manager from the portrait studio that I would work. I woke up, got ready, and grabbed cereal and a piece of toast with almond butter. I barely got to finish a cup of coffee, and then took the rest to go, along with a Fiber One bar.

It was weird to be back at the studio, and it’s weird how easy it all came back to me. After I clocked out, I wanted to go eat, but I had to get grocery shopping done.

I quickly put groceries away, and then hurried to make a grilled cheese with ham, and added Crazy Hot Pop Chips and pineapple on the side.

I relaxed, showered, and relaxed some more. Tony woke up and we watched some X Files while I had a Chobani Flip.

I waited too late to eat lunch, so I was hangry pretty early. I was going to cook a more complex dinner tonight, and do easy later this week, but I wasn’t at all feeling it, so I put some sweet potato fries in the oven, started some Annie’s Shells and Cheese, and cooked some buffalo chicken sausages.

I could have eaten that whole pot of macaroni… and all of the fries… and another sausage. It is so hard to get back into eating normal portions after ignoring them all weekend!

I grabbed some Mrs. Thinster’s Cake Batter Cookies and almond milk, and ended the night with that, although I thought about going back for ice cream, or at least fruit.

Now I am going to make some tea and relax in bed, and possibly call it an early night. My leg ached a bit in the morning at work, but hasn’t hurt at all since I’ve been home. My plan is to work tomorrow morning at the library, and if it doesn’t hurt at all, then I will run Wednesday. If it hurts tomorrow, I’ll play it by ear until it stopped. It’s killing me, but hopefully I can try and get at least 10 miles in at the end of the week if it’s feeling better!





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