MAGFest 2016

Finally, here is my MAGFest recap post!

So, before arriving we had our customary stop at the Waffle House somewhere in Pennsylvania.

I napped on and off in the car, but barely, so when we arrived at 10:30 on Friday, I was tired, but to pumped to sleep. I also was bloated from all the awful foods I ate before and on the way. We picked up our badges, walked around a bit, then Tony was too tired to go on, since he got LESS sleep than me. A few people napped but I stayed up and hung out.

When everyone was up, we got dressed into our cosplays, but not going all out like we were going to Saturday. We drank and hung out and explored the convention!

We had dinner at a restaurant nearby. I had a pulled pork sandwich and tater tots.

To end our night, we went to a DJ Battle. It was great!

I started Saturday with a few french toast sticks and a Jimmy Dean’s Delights turkey sausage bowl. (I did attempt to be healthier than everyone else…)

We got into our cosplays for the day. Mine wasn’t much different, but I changed out of my painful heels, and into comfortable shoes, and my cousin did my hair! I was dressed in “Dirty Pre War” clothing and had my homemade foam Pipboy from Fallout 3! My cousin Millie was a splicer from Bioshock, and Tony was Napstablook from Undertale. We met lots of fun characters from Undertale while we were out, along with a zora Link and poe from zelda, Jareth the Goblin King, complete with fushigi and bulge, and so so so many more.

We had dinner at one of the restaurants we went to a couple of times last year. Tony and I shared wings, and got amazing burgers with fries.

Sunday was our tourist day. We went back to the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. We walked to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum as well, and had a tapas style dinner. After lots of chips and salsa and a margarita, I had pollo con mole poblano. We decided to get dessert, so I got what the waitress recommended, cafe de olla. It was amazing.

The next day was a sad one. We packed up and headed out. We stopped at Bob Evans after a little while for a proper breakfast. Eggs, sausage, hash browns, and biscuits and gravy!

It was a long drive. We had some gas station snacks, and eventually stopped at Hot Head Burritos for an early dinner. I had steak with their signature sauce, and it was garlicky and great!

We got home around 10:30, unpacked, showered, and relaxed. It always feels good to be home, but I already want another vacation!



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