Muddy runs and vodka.


It was my weekend to work, so I started my day with a bowl of Simply Maize cereal with a banana and strawberries for 5 smart points. I grabbed an apple and set off for work.

My body was really sore and achy all day at work, so I thought about taking the day as a rest day. Once I got home, I decided it was way to beautiful outside to take the day off! I had half of a Larabar and headed to the trails for an off road run. It was muddy. I had lots of trouble, but I still managed to finish my 3.1 miles in about 38 minutes. I’m pretty content with my time, considering the circumstances!

I got home and made lettuce wraps with ham, turkey, cucumber, Laughing Cow Light Swiss, and sriracha for lunch. Only 2 smart points.

I relaxed until 5 finally rolled around. I got Tony out of bed and we got ready to go to my annual Picture People Christmas party. None of us work there anymore, but we get together every year (even if it’s 2 months late) and catch up. I never really ate dinner, but I did have a half bottle of vodka and lots of sweets. I ended up going over 64 smart points, using all of my 28 weekly points, but I will definitely be making up for it easily with my Fit Points! We played lots of games, and had lots of fun!



I woke up feeling groggy and extremely hungry. I made myself an omelette with 1 egg, 1 egg white, spinach, a mini bell pepper, and Laughing Cow chipotle cheese. On the side I had strawberries and toast. 5 smart points.


I lounged around finishing my coffee, and then Tony and I decided to take a walk. We did 3 miles in a bit under an hour. Once we were home I got ready for work and then made a hot dog with cheese on bread, and had Pop Chips and pickles on the side. 7 smart points.

I brought an apple with me to work again, and set off. I was pretty tired, and just wanted to go home. I finally clocked out, and headed over to my parents’ house for chicken tacos! 8 smart points.

I got home, did dishes, and then finally relaxed! It came time to wake Tony up, and he had the dinner I brought him home and we watched more Fuller House. It took a bit longer for me to get hungry again than I expected, but once I did, I made an english muffin with peanut butter and strawberries, and had some grapes on the side! 7 smart points.

I’ve felt much more full this time around. I think the current “Smart Points” formula is more effective! I’m eating less calories, but feeling better! I become more of a fan of Weight Watchers everyday!


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