Goals and accomplishments ALL AROUND!

So many fantastic things have been happening in the past few days! I’m surprised I’m blogging and not running around cheering and celebrating!


I swear I can’t make oatmeal without some sort of catastrophe happening. I cut up apple, and added cinnamon and vanilla stevia drops, put it in the microwave, and it didn’t over flow, but I did spill pecans all over before adding them. I also added some California golden raisins. It came to 6 smartpoints.

I headed off to work, and was greeted by my supervisor, who told me to meet in her office in about 15 minutes. I got excited, but then realized I should be scared, since it could be about NOT getting the job I was going for, just as much as it could be about GETTING it. I sorted some books, then went to talk to her. Exciting accomplishment #1: My first instinct was correct, I GOT THE JOB! I signed the job acceptance letter, and we talked about some changes! I am so excited!!!

I got out of work feeling great! I was supposed to start a crock pot dinner, but the timing was horrible, and I wanted to eat lunch, so I did. I had a chicken sandwich on a sandwich thin with lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo. On the side I had cucumbers, carrots, and jalapeno kettle cooked chips. 6 smartpoints.

After lunch I was called back to work to sign some things, so I got dressed in my running clothes and figured I’d stop there before heading to the path. It took a bit longer than expected, so I went to the store to get things for a quick, impromptu dinner, and went home.

Tony got up when I got home, and he also had a 4 mile run planned, so we decided to go together. I ended up walking a bit up a couple of hills, but otherwise it went well. We did 4 mile in 43:46 minutes.

I had some PB2 yogurt with strawberries when we got back. 2 smartpoints. After showers, and some house work, we ran to the store for pot-stickers. When we got home, I started dinner. I bought a frozen PF Chang’s Garlic Chicken with Dan Dan Noodles, and had 3 pot-stickers on the side. 13 smartpoints.

We relaxed for a bit, then did the Fitstar 10 minute abs workout loaded on my watch. For dessert I had a Yasso Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bar. 4 smartpoints, putting me at my 30 for the day! I did end up going back for some point free grapes!


I woke up later, as usual on my later start Thursdays. For breakfast, I made 1 egg with egg whites, toast, and turkey sausage and had strawberries.

I lounged around most of the morning. I finally had to get up to start dinner in the crock pot. Things got hectic, because after browning the turkey, and adding the peppers and onions, my crock pot was already 1/3 full, so I had to run to borrow my mom’s. Then I finished that, and quickly ate a Healthy Ones meal while driving to work. 4 smartpoints.

I bought a Strawberry Nutri-Grain bar from the vending machine as I got there for a second snack after the banana I brought. 5 smartpoints.

Once work was over, I got home and relaxed just a bit before waking Tony up. For dinner was Slow Cooker Turkey Chili! I used 3 cans of beans instead of 4, 3 tbsp of chili powder, and much less oil to brown the turkey. I began portioning it into 8 servings, but there was SO MUCH so I ended up doing 10 servings! I added 3 saltines and some avocado to mine. All together it was 9 smartpoints.

I didn’t want to, but I got up and walked on the treadmill for around an hour, getting 3.5 miles, as well as the rest of my steps for the day. Afterwards, I turned on a 5 minute XHIT abs video, then blended frozen banana ice cream with cinnamon and vanilla stevia drops, then added strawberries and reduced fat Nilla Wafers. 3 smartpoints, ending my night at a perfect 30!


I woke up, then right after got a call from Tony saying he was on his way home from work. He suggested doing some errands we’ve been wanting to do together, so I got up and got ready for weigh in day. Exciting accomplishment #2: DRUMROLL PLEASE:

Almost 5 lbs down after less than a week, even after all the vodka and sweets last weekend! I got dressed, then “quickly” made breakfast. I found a recipe for Weight Watcher friendly crepes, and whipped up half of the recipe. Inside I put strawberries, blueberries, pecans, and fat-free whipped cream. They were SO GOOD! All 4 were 7 smartpoints with all of the fillings.

Tony got home as I finished making them, so I ate, and we left! We wandered around Barnes & Noble a bit as he ate a pretzel, and then headed for JCPenney for some shopping! I ended up finding a new shirt, and a couple pairs of new black pants. We stopped at a different grocery store before stopping to pick up my prescription, and heading home.

Tony went right to bed, and I got in my running clothes. I drove out to one of my favorite paths, and got ready for my first time 6 mile run! I am so happy with how I did. I can barely believe how far I’ve come! Exciting accomplishment #3: I finished with a 10:02 minute mile. I finished up by walking by the river and stretching out a bit. I did have some twisting stomach pains during the last couple of miles, so I need to get own to what they are from so they don’t happen at the race.

I got home, showered, and made myself an egg, chicken, and Laughing cow cheese sandwich on light toast, and had salt & pepper Pop Chips and 2 cuties on the side. 7 smartpoints.

I lounged a bit, then got up and did some housework before going to my parents’ house to visit for a bit. When I got home I had an english muffin with Better’n Peanut Butter and a banana for 4 smartpoints.

I got some things that I’ve been needing to do done, then watched a movie on Netflix. By then it was time to wake Tony up. As soon as he got up, I microwaved some leftover chili for dinner. 7 smartpoints.

Not long after, I grabbed a bowl of a bit less than a serving of ice cream and topped it off with some fat-free whipped cream! 4 smartpoints.

I ended the night with 1 point left, and it felt good! Tomorrow we will be going out to dinner for a friend’s birthday and sort of my new job, and I’ve planned it out, and hopefully I’ll stick to that plan!




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