Late March Goals

I realized when finishing last night’s somewhat lengthy post, that I never really established goals this month. I had them in mind, but it’s always better to have them written somewhere!

March Goals!

  • At least 5 hard minutes of ab workouts Sunday-Thursday nights
  • Don’t use over extra weekly points on Weight Watchers, if so, make sure to have at least 20 fitpoints remaining each week.
  • At least 1, but preferable 2 strength days a week
  • Cut down on drinking!
  • Stick to half marathon training plan.
  • 100 miles!
  • Beat 2-3 video games – I need to remember to still relax and have fun!

So there you have it! I think I covered everything I’ve been focusing on so far, plus a few things I know I need to work on. Now…

March Week 1 Check In:

  • 5 ab workouts CHECK
  • Don’t go over weekly points CHECK
  • Strength: Not quite. 😦
  •  Cut down on drinking. 4 beers? CHECK
  • Stick to training CHECK
  • 100 miles? On the right track, for sure! CHECK
  • Beat 2-3 games. Just about to beat one! CHECK

Things are going well! I need to fit in some strength, but the littlest amount of leg exercise makes me so sore that running is not pleasant. I will have to for sure do some upper body on my cross training day, Thursday.

I feel like this was the perfect time to re-start Weight Watchers. I haven’t had, and don’t have any bigger events coming that will make it harder to stick to plan. My birthday will most likely be the first thing to come along, and by then I will be seasoned enough to make better choices and still have fun! I started almost exactly a month earlier than I did last year, and started from a lower weight and already watching my food, so I think this is going to be successful!

Now, to keep kicking these goals’ asses!


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