Rough week.

Another week flew right by! I’m not entirely against March going quickly. Tony gets off of his midnight shift starting in April, which also brings a concert we’ve been wating for, one of the races I’m very excited for, and MY BIRTHDAY! I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, there are still almost 3 weeks left…


Tuesday morning was a rushed one. I made oatmeal, and of course it blew up all over the microwave. I added pumpkin puree, pecans, and calorie free syrup. 4 smartpoints total, because I took a bit of oats out, considering they were scraped off of my microwave and all over the bowl.

I headed off to work with just an apple for a snack. I was still doing my shelving duties, since my supervisor wasn’t working that day, so it was a pretty average day at work. The pages (my old position) got a new lead, and she made lots of cool changes for them!

When I got home, I had a low carb tortilla with sriracha chicken, lettuce, spinach, Laughing Cow light swiss, and sriracha with a side of white cheddar popcorn. 5 smartpoints.

I waiting for my food to settle, then left for the trails for a run. I finished 5.1 miles in JUST under 51 minutes. It was an absolutely beautiful day, but SO windy. My shins were hurting and then my knee started up, but I  only walked for a very short time and got back into it. Also, if you’re wondering why all of my runs are _.1 miles, it’s because after the Strava app says “distance, _ miles”, the app takes an extra .07 miles or so to show the actual mileage on the data. So instead of letting it say _.9 miles, I go the extra bit just so my records show at least the full amount.

When I got home, I had a peanut butter chocolate Luna Protein bar for 7 smartpoints. I got some housework done, and then finally got to relax for a little while. Tony got up, and his mom and her boyfriend came over with her old washer and dryer since she sold her old house and didn’t need them. I am SO excited to not walk to my parents’ house to do laundry!

Once they left, dinner was just about ready. I made chicken breasts with lemon pepper seasoning, brussel sprouts, and Hungry Jack instant potatoes. The seasonings for the chicken and potatoes came in a “Perfect Pairings” pack. It was really good, and only 7 smartpoints!

Tony left for a run, and I did a 10 minute ab video, before grabbing some cookie thins with PB2 to finish off my 7 smartpoints for the night!


I woke up, pretty excited for work, since I would be training! I grabbed 3/4 a cup of Kashi Sweet Potato Sunshine cereal with just a little almond milk and had a piece of toast and grape spread for 6 smartpoints.

I headed off to work with coffee and a Nature Valley trail mix bar (6 smartpoints). I did lots of training, and then I got to head home. I learned a lot, and I think I’ll really like this job!

I was starving all day, because cereal is just never enough for me. I made myself a turkey sandwich with sriracha and had popcorn on the side along with 2 clementines. 5 smartpoints.

I wasn’t going to run, I was feeling weak all day and it just wasn’t convenient, because I had other things to do. I was contemplating switching my rest day out, but typically my current schedule has been good for recovery time. I ended up just getting out there and finishing 3.1 miles in under 31 minutes. I knew I didn’t want to push my body to do another 5 miles like I had scheduled, so this was perfect. I started out at a really fast pace, then had to walk up the hill that ALWAYS gets me, no matter when I hit it in my run. It is part of my 10k in April, so I need to conquer it!

After my run, I showered and ran out the door to get a hair cut. I got there early, got right in, and finished very quickly! I headed to a couple of stores, snacking on grapes I just bought in between, and took my time walking around. When I got home, I did the dishes and it was time to get Tony out of bed. I grabbed a couple cups of caramel popcorn for 2 smartpoints as a snack, since nothing seemed to be satisfying me.

After finding out Tony took my planned leftovers to work, I had to run to the store for some chicken to eat with the mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts I had ready. Everything was 7 smartpoints, just like the night before.

I finished the night with 6 minute abs, a Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Ice Cream bar (4 smartpoints), then a bowl of grapes, before FINALLY beating Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc and heading to bed.


I was excited for a relaxed morning, since my shift started at 1. I made myself pancakes with 3/8 cup Aunt Jemima Whole Wheat Blend mix, 3/8 cup almond milk, 3 tbsp liquid egg whites, and 2 tbsp pumpkin puree. I topped it all of with 2 tbsp of calorie free syrup. 6 smart points total.

I lounged around, feeling great, reading blogs, and looking into more games to play (like I need more with the 5 I have backed up and few I still haven’t beaten). When I finished my coffee, I got up and got dressed then decided to start some laundry… AT MY OWN HOUSE! Tony finally got it all set up!

Once that was started, I went on a 1.7 mile walk, and then came home and made lunch quickly so I could get to work on time. I had a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich with a string cheese and apple. 6 smartpoints.

I was being trained at the other branch of the library today, because that is where my supervisor was scheduled. We trained, and on our brake, I went to the cafe inside the library and had a coffee and ate my Kashi Peanut Peanut Butter bar. 4 smartpoints.

Once 5 rolled around, I headed out and stopped at the store to pick up dinner. When I got home I did dishes and got the laundry and folded it after waking Tony up. I was getting hungry so I started dinner a little earlier than usual. I made spaghetti, with ground turkey, zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach in the sauce. It was MEATY and delicious! I could have eaten the whole pan. 9 smartpoints total, maybe 8, but I rounded the sauce up!

We lounged a bit and watched TV. I finally got up and walked 1.28 miles on the treadmill to get some more steps. Afterwards we did part of an ab video, I still got more than 5 minutes in!

I didn’t hesitate to grab some Nilla Wafers for 5 smartpoints, putting me right at my 30 for the day. Not long after, I grabbed a big bowl of grapes, because all I wanted was an entire pan of brownies with peanut butter. I went to sleep not long after.


I woke up, weighed in, and was disappointed. Sometimes my body doesn’t make sense. I gained, less than a lb, but still, I should be losing, not maintaining!

I got into running clothes, then started some frozen hash browns and eggs with sausage and toast. I ended up only eating half the toast, because I don’t like how artificial the Walden Farms Strawberry spread tasted. 7 smartpoints.

I lounged around and Tony got home from his run. I wasn’t in the mood to run at all, so we went and did some errands and got lunch at Panera Bread. I had a half Asian Sesame Chicken Salad for 6 smartpoints. While we were out I picked up some different flavors of Quest Bars to try!

Once I got home I got ready to run. I have been in a slump the last couple of days, but I finally got out and did 6 miles in 63 minutes. It felt good to finish, and it was a really nice day. I’m glad I just got up and did it! I stretched and rolled then had a chocolate peanut butter Quest bar for 4 smartpoints. I didn’t like it as much as the cookie dough flavor, but it was still good!

I ended up laying down and taking a pretty long nap after that. It felt great, and it was just what I needed to feel better. When I got up, I showered and then did the rest of the housework that I didn’t finish before my napped. Then I grabbed an apple and mixed some peanut butter with pumpkin puree and added just a little syrup and pumpkin pie spice. It was SO good, and only 1 smartpoint. I sat outside and read a bit while drinking some tea with my snack.

I headed over to my parents’ house to visit a bit, and then came home and boiled some spaghetti to eat with the leftover sauce. I had a bit less sauce today so it was 8 smartpoints.

Tony still wasn’t awake, so I woke him up so he would have some time before work. While he was still in bed, I had a Weight Watchers Giant Fudge bar to finish my points for the night.

Today was a tough one. I haven’t wanted to run, and I just want to go eat places and eat everything possible. I have to stay strong, and I’ll get a bit of a break this weekend, but still… NO GOING OVERBOARD!


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