My long, splurgy, St Patrick’s weekend recap!


I woke up with all intentions of eating, shopping, running, and then coming home and getting ready before waking Tony up early to go to the city. It started with me re-weighing in, since yesterday didn’t make much sense. I was right, it was just a fluctuation of some sort, and I was down .2 lbs from last week, rather than up .8. Afterwards I made blueberry pancakes with 1/2 cup Kodiak Cake mix for breakfast. 5 smartpoints.

I lounged some, then set out to do my shopping before my run. I got more and more antsy and just wanted to go to the city earlier to start our St. Patrick’s Day celebration when everyone else was. Tony called me, because he was finished with his run, and we ended up settling that we would just go, and he would tough it out and sleep when he could.

I never ran, but I kept it healthy through most of the day. After packing, getting ready, and grabbing some St. Patrick’s attire from Walgreens, I ate 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter for 5 smartpoints.

We hit the road, and once we arrived at our friends’ apartment, we all caught up a bit, and then headed out to the bars. We hung out and one for a while, then a couple of us broke away from the big group we ended up in and went to Lou Malnati’s for an early dinner. We ordered wings as an appetizer, so I ate 2. They were very small. Once dinner came, I had 1 slice of cheese deep dish, and 1/3 a slice of pepperoni.

After dinner we met back up at another bar, had some more beer, and then  split up again because the people we met up with went back to their house. We ended up getting a Lyft back to the Jewel near our friends’ apartment, grabbing some booze, and going back to hang out. Tony promptly slept, and we drank and hung out until my cousin and myself asked about ice cream enough times for us to run down to the 7-eleven to get a couple of pints. We ended up sitting by the hot tub on the roof and I ate the whole thing. I estimated all the beer and food and ice cream was 146 smartpoints. Yikes!

We got back, and Tony woke up for a bit to hang out more. We went to bed later than we intended, since after thinking it was 2:15, it was really 3:15!


I woke up, and after relaxing wanted to go running. It was raining, and I was going to just go, but Tony couldn’t do outside in his new barefoot running shoes, and I didn’t want to risk the treadmill, since the last many times I’ve tried one, it’s hurt my leg. I really should have just went, but I didn’t.

Once everyone was awake we walked to a super cool bar/restaurant that served breakfast as well. I had coffee and a “breakfast burger”, which consisted of cinnamon raisin french toast, a huge burger patty, cheddar, bacon, canadian bacon, pure maple syrup, and an egg. It was tasty and super filling. I estimated it being around 40 smartpoints. There goes another day…

We went back and hung at the apartment. I had a beer, which was 4 smartpoints. We finally got ready and drove back home, dropping them off at their parents’ houses.

Tony and I decided to have a date night. He wanted to participate in the early voting, so we stopped at the county clerk first. He kept the car running, and was fast, but for some reason as soon as soon as he got back and opened the door, the car died. It was raining, and we tried and tried, but my dad had to come jump it.

We managed to make it to the movie we had gotten tickets for on time, and instead of getting snacks, I had the granola bar I had with me for 4 smartpoints instead. We saw 10 Cloverfield Lane. I liked it a lot, but hated the very ending. It was just too much for us.

Next on date night was Olive Garden for dinner. I have been madly craving pasta, and we had a gift card from Christmas, so I went for it. After breadsticks, salad, beer, and more breadsticks, I ordered the Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara. I finished half, and packed up the rest. We split cheesecake before going home. Once we got home, and my stomach settled, I ate a bit more, but couldn’t handle all the grease. Everything came to somewhere around 101 smartpoints. We were both extremely tired, so we went to bed.



I woke up, had some oatmeal with blueberries, cinnamon, pecans and calorie free syrup for 5 smartpoints, and got ready for my first 9-5 at the library!

I ended up doing some of my old job until my manager could be there, and then trained a bunch. When it came time for my break, I had a turkey sandwich with Laughing Cow Light Swiss and sriracha with popcorn and Cuties. 5 smartpoints. After more training, I had a Kashi granola bar for 4 smartpoints, and then trained a bit more, and headed home.

I had a banana when I got home, and left to get a run in. I wasn’t expecting much. I got 4 miles in, with 6×30 second fartleks, in 46 minutes. I walked a lot, and had bad ankle/calf pain, but I got through it and felt better after.

After a quick shower we went grocery shopping and got dinners for all week. We started turkey burgers right away when we got home. I had mine on an english muffin and topped it with sauteed mushrooms and onions. We had sweet potato fries and butternut squash with cranberries and cinnamon on the side. Everything was 11 smartpoints.

We did a 10 minute ab video, and then grabbed some Slow Churned Red Velvet ice cream while watching The Night Before. 5 smartpoints, and DELICIOUS! I did eat grapes later, because that’s just what I do…

After some Hulu and online browsing, I went to bed pretty late, feeling much better than I did the nights before.


I slept in, then laid in bed for a while, thinking about what I wanted for breakfast. I ended up making french toast with some PB2 in the egg wash, and then topping it with more PB2 mixed with syrup and a banana. Only 4 smartpoints!

I did a bit of online browsing, then got dressed for my run. I did 4.6 miles with a pretty consistent 10:30 pace. It felt good. After stretching, I did some dishes and showered. It was already time for lunch, so I made a wrap with buffalo ranch chicken lunch meat, Laughing Cow Light Swiss, and some popcorn and carrots. 6 smartpoints.

I headed out for work, getting stuck by a barge which raised the bridge. I was pretty close to late, but still fine. I trained a little, had an apple on my break, and did a little more. I found myself just doing things here and there, which makes it much easier to learn. We were just so slow today!

Tony met me at the library to check a couple of books out, and when we got home I had a Fiber One Chocolate and Oats bar for 6 smartpoints, and then we went for a walk. We did a quick trip to the store, then got home and started the leftovers for dinner. I had a bit less fries, and a slice of Ultra Thin Swiss tonight, which made the total 9 smartpoints.

We watched The Visit, and did 3 minutes of my Fitstar ab workout on my watch. My ribs are sore from how hard last night’s workout was! I’m about to get a bowl of ice cream, which will be 5 smartpoints. Edy’s has come out with a new Slow Churned Simple Recipe, which still has less fat! This is everything I’ve been waiting for!!!

There goes my first splurge weekend of Weight Watchers this time around. I’m not all that disappointed, honestly. I had a good time, and didn’t force myself to eat just because I knew I couldn’t do it again for a long time. I tracked everything as well as I could, and my Fitbit Weekly Report showed I still managed to burn over 100 calories more than I ate. Definitely not the 5000+ deficit I normally see, but still better than burning less! I skipped one run last week, which was supposed to be 6 miles, and I will be making up 5 miles within my runs this week to make up for most of it. Otherwise my goals have gone well, I just need to make sure this doesn’t happen often, and up my game on the strength training! I really can’t find anything to help me stick to it! Any suggestions!?


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