Birthday Weekend Recap!

Another recap! Not much has been happening, so I only really have my birthday weekend to touch on!

Here’s another large collage of food I’ve eaten!

Birthday Weekend

To kick of my birthday weekend, we went to breakfast before setting off to Wisconsin.

We tossed around different options of running at the trail we will be racing at on the 14th, and decided to put it off until Saturday. After not be able to check into the hotel, and walking around downtown just a bit, we got lunch.

After not really knowing where to go, we decided to head to the trails and get running out of the way. I was supposed to do 12 miles, and Tony had 20 to do. The trails were absolutely beautiful, but my shoes were giving me blisters and I ended up doing only one loop, and adding on a bit more to finish around 7.3 miles.

We headed back to the hotel and finally checked in. We showered and got ready for dinner. The resort we stayed at was attached to the Sprecher’s Pub. We finished the night off with root beer floats! We got back to the room and I took a bath.

The next day started with breakfast once again. On the way home we stopped and grabbed some New Glarus beer and some bratwurst to bring home.

Once we got home I was craving a run, since my trail run was less than satisfying. I did a quick 4.5 miles, and it felt wonderful! I got ready, and it was time to party! My friends started showing up, and we headed off to dinner!

After dinner we karaoked the night away, and then partied more at my house.

This led to the next day, my actual birthday, being somewhat unbearable. I laid around all day. Eventually making it to my parents’ house to bring over the brats and have some cake. The rest of the night was relaxing and then eventually getting some wings to cap it all off.


Since then things have calmed down. April ended, and I finished it off with 116 miles total. After my injury in February, things have been going great!

I finally got some new trail shoes, Brooks Cascadias. I love them so far, and I’m having none of the problems my Asics gave me! Sunday we went on a trail run similar to the race terrain, and I did 10 miles in them to start May off right!

Only 9 days until the half marathon! I need to keep trail running to prepare, but it’s so hard to make time to drive 40 minutes to and from trails just to run 5 miles. There may be some hill walking, but otherwise, it will be great!


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