I’m a horrible blog mom.

I missed Average Endeavors first birthday!

I saw it on my Timehop app, and thought “I should blog today!”, but I didn’t.

To be honest life has been busy, and I have not been following much of a diet. It was a fun little break, but now I am back and ready to kick it into gear! I am ready to meet my goal weight (again) and keep it that way with the maintenance eating I’ve become so great at!

I have 2 recaps for you today! First will be the Ice Age Trail 50 race that Tony and I participated in the weekend before last, and then the Rams on the Run 5k that was part of the 125th anniversary celebration of my K-8 school! Along with that, some goals!

So first, just like all other recaps, here is what I’ve been eating:

Usually on my off times, I keep eating healthily for the weekdays, and then the weekends I blow out. This time, it was any single day of the week, and for more than just dinner/dessert! Honestly, I’m excited to get back into it again.

So first recap is…

Ice Age Trail 50 and Half Marathon

The race I have been greatly anticipating since last year!

The whole weekend, we camped out with friends of Tony’s from work. It was NOT by any means a good weekend for camping. We bundled as well as we could, and it was freezing the entire time. Friday it started to rain soon after setting up camp, so we went out and had dinner and a couple of beers and then went straight to our tents to try and get some sleep. Tony and I bought a new larger tent and queen size air mattress for the occasion.

Tony left bright and early for his race that was starting at 6, and I slept as well and as much as I could until around 7. I ate a bagel with some peanut butter, and got ready for the race.

As worried as I was, it went great! The first couple of hills, I ran, but then decided to start walking the bigger ones (aka most of them) and running otherwise. I ended up bringing 2 gels with me, eating one each hour. The course consisted of 2-6.5 loops, and I think I felt even better on the second one! I finished in 2:33:06. I had wanted to finish in 2:30, but gave myself a goal of 2:45 as something more realistic! I couldn’t be more proud!

After finishing I met back up with the others who ran the half with me, and we waited for the last us to finish, which didn’t take long at all! We had to go get someone from an aid station who had an injury going into the 50 mile race, and decided to stop and not make it any worse. Once we had him, we went back to the campground and cleaned up before going to get some food at the cook out provided and see Tony finish. He finished in 10:24:43, and ended up messing up something in his calve around half way through.

We had some beers by the fire, and later cooked some dinner, staying as close to the fire for the heat that we needed so very badly. IMG_1266

Mini Weekday Recaps:

During the week between the 2 races, I went out for my best friend’s birthday. I had to post a picture of us, because we’re just too cute.


Another small but fun thing; My (late) birthday party at work! Circulation sure knows how to party. The first month of working there, I saw 4 parties.

Rams on the Run 5k

After my pre-race bagel and peanut butter, Tony left to stand on his assigned corner to guide and cheer on racers (which was conveniently located down the street from our house) and I got ready to race! I headed down, got myself to the starting line, and it was time to go!

My goals for the day were to win my age group (of which there were only 2 other girls) and set a PR since this was my first non-trail 5k. I achieved both, finishing in 27:48! I was 23/116 overall, which also contains lots of walkers.

The rest of the day consisted of an open house at my old school, wedding decor shopping with my soon to be bride, eating at my favorite alehouse, and a celebration at the park (in the beer garden) with bands!

Now for some goals

Now that my races are over until July, I am going to start strength training again, and start back with healthy eating! I will call these June Goals but I have already started them!

  • 2 upper body, 1 lower body, 4 core workouts per week
  • Yoga after running
  • Follow Weight Watchers (POINTS PLUS) system, using weekly and some activity points to make up for running (26 points just isn’t enough when running!)

So far, so good! Although this is only the 3rd day, it feels promising, and I’m honestly excited for my first weigh in Monday!


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