I tried.

Updates, updates, updates. I originally wrote this post to publish on June 1st, but never finished or posted it. So now, a slightly revised recap!

Here’s my food:

Things have gone alright with my new goals. I have been mostly sticking to 2 upper body and 1 lower body workouts per week, but core workouts have been scarce. I did a bit of yoga after running, but usually have just done different poses and stretching after on my own. Speaking of my runs, they have been short, and I haven’t quite gotten back into the training habits I had before my half marathon, but I am getting back into the grove. I finished May with 94 miles. I really should have done 6 on the 31st just to hit 100, but after working 9-5, grocery shopping, and then starting dinner late, I just didn’t have time for anything but a 20 minute walk with Tony while the jambalaya simmered.

With the start of last week being the end of a holiday weekend, and my day being so busy that Tuesday, strength training was shorter and less often for the week. I’m very content with my eating habits during Memorial Day weekend though. We had our 4th annual Memorial Day party on Saturday, went to a friend’s party on Sunday, and spent the day at his dad’s campground on Monday. I still ended the week with a good calorie deficit, and don’t feel like complete garbage!

The week that followed the holiday was good, with no outbursts of bad eating throughout the week, until Friday. I still managed to have self control while hanging out with friends, and then attending my childhood friend’s daughter’s first birthday.

So now for the most exciting update of the couple of weeks: My new Garmin Forerunner 235! I finally have left the Fitbit community, which I am sad about because I LOVED the app, and right as I got my Forerunner, they updated it and I love it even more. The Garmin Connect app is okay… but just nothing compared to Fitbit. I love having the GPS on my watch, though. It’s so accurate, even in the trails I go to with Tony, where my phone was usually at least a mile off of the actual distance! I haven’t had many great runs with it so far, but soon when I’m back up to par I’ll be even more excited to have it!


Well, that’s all folks! Hopefully my next recap will be a little more exciting, and not posted for a week afterwards!




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