Long time, no blog.

Well I did it once again.

This time I even had a full day typed out almost ready to post, but I never did. This led to me, 2 days later, adding on days and becoming a recap, and then never posting it anyhow. This was over 2 months ago…

So a recap of what has been happening:

  • My best friend’s bachelorette party and wedding!!!!
  • A super sweaty 5k
  • Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah. That’s pretty much everything that seems of any importance. Before I go into a full recap, here’s food:

So first up is the bachelorette party! I planned everything out just for her. First stop was a paint and sip party. The teacher HATED us because we were way to rowdy. Our paintings turned out great still! Afterwards we went to a bar for some karaoke, Abi’s favorite! We Ubered home very late and night and had a sleepover!

2 weeks later, it was FINALLY time for the wedding! After lots of partying and fun, we had a long day of getting things, and ourselves, ready for the big day! It was beautiful. It was the first wedding I’ve been in (other than my own) and I couldn’t be happier! Still waiting impatiently on the professional pictures…

Next up is the Sundowner 5k. The second race in a 3 race series held by the park district. I was so worried. I hadn’t been able to run more than a mile straight for the last month or 2, so I didn’t know how things would go. I wanted under a 10 minute mile, but the extreme humidity and heat made it a heat advisory, and it “felt like” 105 according to the weather app. In the end I finished with a 9:21 average and 5/24 in my age group! I’ll take it!

Last, but absolutely not least, COLORADO!

It was an amazing week. This time, we got a bit of a taste of LIVING there since we stayed with my cousin in her mountain home. Not like we’d be living in the mountains right off the bat, but we’d at least be just a short drive to them!

A few of the most memorable parts were:

  • Waking up and having my coffee on the deck. I want to sob every morning as I sit on my couch here, the highway too loud for me to enjoy the outdoors, not that there is any scenery.
  • Driving to the top of Mt Evans.
  • Watching Labyrinth at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. I knew I needed to go to the Red Rocks for something while I was there, it was destiny that this movie was playing.
  • Climbing our very first 14er: Mt Bierstadt! It was a struggle. It gets harder and harder to breather, and I had to take more and more breaks. Finally once I got to the part where I had to scramble and climb to the top, I went non-stop and finally made it!
  • Mila! My cousin’s Bernese Mountain dog with 1/8 Great Pyrenees! She is still a puppy, and huge, and the greatest hiking partner, especially on hot days when she jumps into the creek and shakes next you to to dry off!

I could sit and post a trillion pictures of all the mountains and all the fun things we did, but I would be here all day, and none of them do the mountains any justice. We are working even more avidly to move there.

So now for an update on my goals. I am still focusing on running, and eating healthy a good 80% of the time I’d say. This week I started strength training finally, and have been doing great and sticking to it well!

I have signed up for a 17 mile trail running race September 10th. I am not at all training as well as I was for the half marathon, but a lot of that has to do with the heat. My runs have been AWFUL, but hopefully as it cools off, that gets better.

That’s all for today! Now if I could just stick to posting regularly….


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